Dyson DC25 Animal Vs. Dyson DC41 Animal

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Vacuum cleaners can be a stressful shopping decision, upon considering the plethora of attributes to mull over. The Dyson DC25 Animal and Dyson DC41 Animal are both solid performers for homeowners and neat freaks alike. The DC25 Animal turns heads with its light weight, however the DC41 Animal deserves credit for its powerful motor.
Dyson DC25 Animal Dyson DC41 Animal
Features Dyson DC25 Animal Dyson DC41 Animal
Brand Dyson Dyson
Weight 7.25 kg 7.88 kg
Model DC25 Animal DC41 Animal
Filtration Technology HEPA HEPA
Dirt Capture Method Bagless Bagless
Amperage 11 Amp 12 Amp
Cord Length 7.32 m 10.67 m
Vacuum Cleaner Type Upright Upright
Consumed Power 1200 watt 1400 watt
Tank / Bag Capacity Not Specified 2.1 Liter
Num of Tools Not Specified 3

Dyson DC25 Animal

The DC25 Animal has an upright design, so you can clean carpeted and tiled floors easily. Plus, you can benefit from plenty of strength to overcome difficult cleaning tasks thanks to its 1200 watt motor. The DC25 Animal's HEPA filter enables you to eliminate bothersome dander, allergens, and fine particles. Also, the DC25 Animal has a bagless design, so you can vacuum economically without needing clogged bags. Vacuum with it for long periods of time thanks to its 16 lb weight. Beyond that, its motorized brush lets you take away animal hair easily.

Dyson DC41 Animal

The DC41 Animal boasts an upright design, so you can tackle vinyl and hardwood floors with great ease. Plus, you can vacuum efficiently without loss of suction thanks to its cyclonic operation. The DC41 Animal's 1400 watt motor helps you exploit more than enough power to get through almost any cleaning job. Furthermore, it features a HEPA filter, so you can capture many varieties of dust, irritants, and pollen. You can vacuum without constantly replacing dusty bags thanks to the DC41 Animal's bagless design. In addition, its 0.55 gallon dust capacity helps you vacuum plenty of muck, hair, and pollen. The DC41 Animal boasts three extra tools, allowing you to confront a range of vacuuming jobs with adaptability. Beyond that, you can utilize it in all the places you need to thanks to its 17.4 lb weight.

Comparing the Dyson DC25 Animal Vs Dyson DC41 Animal

The DC25 Animal and the DC41 Animal are nip and tuck where features are concerned. The DC25 Animal sports an 8% lighter weight, allowing you to tote it around for longer periods of time. Beyond that, you can vacuum stubborn pet hair more easily thanks to the DC25 Animal's motorized brush. However, the DC41 Animal has a 17% stronger motor, so you can benefit from additional power to shine on important cleaning tasks. What's more, it boasts cyclonic operation, allowing you to vacuum longer without losing suction. Both models stack up favorably with an upright design, a HEPA filter, and an efficient bagless design. In any case, both products perform very well.

Buying On eBay

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