Dutch silver and silverplate marks

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see the Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Maker's Marks  or  925-1000.com

As I see so many mistakes in listings by purpose or not of Dutch Silver I shortly explain Dutch Silvermarks

90 is often called a Hallmark or Sterling Silver but it stands for silverplated, as well as 100 stands for silverplate

silverplate is 90 grammes of silver to one thousand grammes of material

the logo DE or DE are the initials of the tea and coffee factory Douwe Egberts in Joure (Fr) Holland and the articles with this are often marked HH 90 which stands for Herbert Hooikaas, Schoonhoven and stands for silverplate

I saw a listing telling HH makersmark on knives stands for Hollow Handle :- )

Zilpla 90 as the name says stands for Zilver Plate in English Silver Plate and does not stand for 90% silver or 900/1000 silver which is not in use in the Netherlands, only 833/835/1000 or 925/1000

search  Zilpla or Zilpla 90 and you will find lots of listings telling you it is (Dutch) silver

avoid listings that say : My Antique dealer says it is 900 silver


: it is tested at least 900 silver by my juweller

or: it is acid tested for at least ... silver


seller gives the answer : Dutch silverfactory's sometimes marked their silver with silverplate marks, who believes such cowdust


most  Dutch silver articles  have a hallmark, a makersmark, a yearletter and an assay office mark

the smaller articles a hallmark in the form of a small dagger or sword and most of the time a makersmark


I've seen listings with 15th, 16th or 17th Century silver, while the Hallmarks clearly indicate it is made after 1800

especially dutch silver articles made in the late 1800 have false or pseudo marks, although it is silver and marked so

the so called Hanau marks that look like old Dutch hallmarks are explained elsewhere as well

an example is a Sterling Silver Server Spoon Open work  Amsterdam ca.1846  that sold February 25 2009

I sent the seller 2 days before auction ended information about the yearletter: M stands for 1948, the makers mark Z achs Z (Zaanlandian Silversmith:Zaanlandse Zilversmeden) was not used before 1920, She said : appreciate your remarks, but did not change the description or title

another example:  Dutch .900 silver cake server

that is marked with 90 to sellers subscription

another exemple : listing 300787226084 ending october 2012, listed as Dutch silver, but all silverplated

one piece has the mill and pipes mark of Barbour proudly made in the USA :-)

another I saw August 13

Vintage Sterling Silver Spoon Windmill Sugar Caddy Scoop Circa 1920 Dutch ending August 14 2013

it is clearly marked 90

I sent this information yesterday to the seller, responded : I did not know, sorry ; but did not change the listing

you can find Hallmarks and Silvermarks on the above mentioned Encyclopedia 925-1000.com

by purpose selling silverplate for (sterling) silver is fraud and of course all over the world against the law with severe penalties, but eBay doesn't care although they say they want to create a safe enviroment for selling and buying

There is nothing wrong with selling or buying silverplate, it is often more beautiful than silver and 60% cheaper than silver, do not buy for silverprices

unless you have loads of money, and if you do have too much money sent me some


if you do not find this page useful sent me your comment to improve the content

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