Driver's side & Passenger side, left or right?

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I've been on eBay on and off since 1996.  I've always noticed sellers of auto parts constantly getting their right & left, driver's & passenger sides mixed up.  I've work in the auto field most of my life, and in the salvage business for about 15 yrs.  There is an industry STANDARD to describe the Driver's (left) and Passenger's (right) side of the vehicle.  There are also term's describing the components of said vehicles. I'll give this a go and see what happens.......

First off, we are in the United States of America (NO, I'm not bashing, just stating a fact). With that said these are the terms that describe such parts in said country. 

The right and left sides of an automobile or the engine are determined facing forward from rear of car or as from the point of view of being seated inside the car, facing the front (ie, from the driver's seat).

Driver's side = Left side  (We drive left hand-drive vehicles) 

Passenger side = Right side (We drive on the Right side of the road.

Hood: Covers engine, usually the front of the vehicle, exception being if you have a rear engine vehicle, ie: corvair, vw bug

Trunk: Covers storage space at the rear of the vehicle, unless you have a rear engine vehicle as stated above, then is in the front of the car, ie: corvair, vw bug.









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