Dolphin's Guide to MP3 video portable music players

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Since the Apple iPOD has the majority of the market, the question is what else is available--and if they are better or worse?
In my humble opinion, in fact, the iPOD is overpriced and just not in many ways as good as the alternative MP3 players.
Also, of course, if you have an are locked in to Apple proprietary ways..and supposedly should be downloading from iTunes (in my estimate 10 percent of iPOD owners actually pay to legally download music files--this is way different than the estimate of the recording industry).

There are lots of other MP3 players available.
Some of the really low cost ones are really terrible-I bought one for a present for my son's friend--and the company is called Sly.
What it said on the package was not the reality at all.  It said on the package it could play either MP3 files or WMA files--which take up half the space of
MP3 files.  However, the reality was supposedly the software that came with the player would only convert WMA files to the large MP3 files.which made the files bigger
not smaller.

So, I do not recommend buying MP3 players from a company you just have never heard of--although there are a few that have been around for a number of years
that are still around..iRiver and iRio are ones.

What I suggest is you look at Sony, Samsung, and Sandisk.all these are brand names that most people have heard of..Sony and Samsung make about everything electronic, and Sandisk has been around time making memory products.  (Any MP3 player can also double as a flash carry files around.for school or work)

Of these 3, Sandisk is the only one that has the ability to expand memory with microSD cards..this means whatever the original memory the player comes with is expandable
to add the maximum of these cards..currently 8GB for about 30 dollars.

And guess what?  I have all of these brands available for sale..but only in limited quantity, as I am not a dealer of any of these brands.

What I do have available are brand new players--not refurbished in any way.

Also, I actually know about these I use them both for music and to study languages, believe it or not.

I have 4 GB and 8GB players available.  Although, what I have available are also advertised as video players, do you really want to run a video on such a small screen when so many people are buying giant tvs now?

Of course, the expandable Sandisk gets up to an amount that is enough memory for video, but the screen is still small to watch videos--even compared to a lot of cellphones.

Finally, in my opinion, every one of these players has much better sound than an iPOD with downloaded iTunes.

If you pay Amazon to download MP3s now, they come as 256 MB files instead of the sound quality is just much better on any of these players.

I have found, however, that even with 64 MB WMA files, the sound on all of them is especially good.

Please visit my Ebay store..Dolphin's Treasure Trove to see what MP3 players I have available, and I have some that are not even listed yet.
My Ebay username is Dolphin1959.

Unlike some other Ebay sellers, I actually know a lot about the products I sell, although I cannot always compete on the very lowest price.
I also assure you if you have any problem, I will take care of it..just look at my feedback.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope this was helpful.

In my listings I do talk about how you used to be able to have unlimited downloads from eMusic for 10.99 a month--until that service decided you had done too many downloads.  EMusic has primarily jazz and alternative groups..and I do know from personal experience that it fills your MP3 player with spyware, just like Limewire or BitTorrent but downloading music from eMusic is completely legitimate, and not an illegal-file sharing site.  eMusic should not be filling your computer with spyware for the privilege of getting your money!!!!

Of course, now Apple has also just removed restriction from the tunes it sells from its iTunes store--this was not true when I first listed these products.  This means you can use any of these players for iTunes.
Sony tried to compete with Apple and had a store called Connect that was closed last march, and also has software called Sonic Stage, in addition to the software they now have called what else--Sony Walkman, of course.

I have recently found that all the Mp3 players I sell can be used with Rhapsody, which is an online music subscription service.  But Rhapsody gives everyone 1 free download per day, and you do not have to pay anything at all.  The music is from various genres--but it is free and legal to download.

Rhapsody also allows anyone to listen to 25 streaming music audio files per month.  You could always record these with various software that allows recording of streaming audio.  If you buy a player from me, I will show you how to do this.  Rhapsody says nothing about not doing it really legal? have to make the decision if you are hurting the artist or not.  The best is to buy music directly from the artist.  In the old days of, that is what used to happen before everyone started pirating MP3s from every artist in the world.

Finally, all my life I have been an amateur pianist (but I truly do not have a good ear for music nor any talent, although I will not be going on American Idol anytime soon--that is a promise).

I really do not like illegal copying at all, but as we all know this is rampant.  My own estimate is 90 percent of all downloads are illegal.

I think I might actually have a solution for this that occured to me during a Thanksgiving Dixieland jazz festival that we have in San Diego every year.  But that is a project for another day..I have thought and thought about this for many years--how can a musician profit from anything but live performances..and there is a solution.

Anyway, I do hope this shows I know a little bit about music and MP3 players and am not just reselling you a product without knowing anything about it.

I do hope to sell very limited music products here on Ebay and on my own website, but I am not there yet.

I have run completely out of SanDisk clip players, unfortunately.  I now have only Samsung 8 GB Mp3 players (the s3) models, a 4 and 8GB Sony model,

and Sandisk Fuze in 4 and 8GB models--the latter have microSD card slots, allowing very easy expansion.

I do hope to sell a brand made in the USA when these run out that nobody else on Ebay is selling at all.  Since I will export anything I sell to almost any country

in the world, I will be doing what I can to improve the trade deficit of the United States in my own small way. 

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