Does your coffee have a birthday?

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Does your coffee have a birthday?
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Good Dog Coffee Micro Roasters now provides you with a “birthday” date in every bag of their custom-roasted coffees.  Yes, each and every bag of coffee will have a Roasting Date. This is the date when the master roaster actually roasted and bagged your coffee.  In fact, this date is hand-written and initialized by the roast master. This is all possible only because they roast one order at a time. So, each and every coffee bag is roasted just for you!  These roaster's expectation is that with this information you’ll be able to have the best quality coffee ever. 

Many people ask us if they should refrigerate the coffee after opening.  You don’t need to do that at all. Just keep the coffee in a dark and dry place (like the credenza) and this should work just fine.  For best results, we recommend that you use the coffee within 6 months of the roasting date and within 30 days after opening the bag.

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