Do Not Buy US Coins from China!!

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Do Not Buy US Coins from China!!
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As you may know by now, most if not all coins coming out of China are fakes. There are three things that can happen; 1. The coin you see in the picture is not the coin you will receive. No matter how certain you are about the coin in the pic, it does not mean you will receive that coin.  2. It may be a genuine coin, but stamped with a non genuine mint mark. 3. The coin is plain fake.  Ebay offers no protection, because they make money off the transaction. Plus even if a seller gives you your money back, you are not going to recoup the outrageously high shipping costs.  Ebay makes sure U.S. sellers are reputable it is about time they make sellers from other countries also. Perhaps they should make foreign sellers post a bond of $10,000. for six months or a year. If they prove themselves in the Ebay community refund their money. If they're not reputable, then buyers would have some recourse to recoup their money
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