Disney Grolier/Early Moments Ornaments List - Part 2

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(This is part two of my Disney Grolier/Early Moments ornament list. It consists of the Angel ornaments and the President's Edition ornaments.)



#201 - Mickey playing the violin   

#202 - ???

#203 - Donald with harp   

#204 - Minnie caroling   

#205 - ???

#206 - Daisy with mistletoe  

#207 - Tigger with presents  

#208 - ???

#209 - Goofy on a cloud   

#210 - Winnie the Pooh with honey pot   

#211 - Pluto howling/singing  

#212 - Huey, Dewey and Louie sledding on a cloud   

#213 - Scrooge McDuck  

#214 - Jiminy Cricket sleeping on a cloud   

#215 - ???

#216 - Pinocchio with candy cane   

#217 - Dopey with guitar   (There are two variations of this ornament. The 90s version has red shoes and the 2000s version has brown shoes and better face detail.)

(this concludes the angels...)


President's Editions

(The ornaments that I listed in the christmas magic section I will not list here again. I also have this listed, to the best of my knowledge, in the order that they were released.)







Mad Hatter  

Bernard from "The Rescuers"   

Bianca from "The Rescuers"  

Fantasia Mickey with broom   

Donald playing hockey   



Tigger snowboarding  

Rabbit with wheelbarrow   


Kanga and Roo  

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)  

The Three Fairies from "Sleeping Beauty" 


Timothy Mouse from "Dumbo"  

Dopey dancing  

Chicken Little 

Huey, Dewey and Louie on Sled  

Minnie Mouse with ornament  

Daisy Duck caroling (turquoise)  

Lightening McQueen from "Cars"  (released November 2007)

Remy from "Ratatouille"   (released February 2008)  (I would also like to note here, that the texture of the ornaments changed with Remy. They have a softer, almost flexible feel to them.)

Lilo doing the hula  (released May 2008)

Stitch playing the guitar  (released May 2008)

Wall-E with wreath  (released November 2008)  (This is the first ornament that was released by Early Moments.)

Bolt with candy cane (released April 2009)   

Mr. Incredible (released July 2009)   

Elastigirl and Jack-Jack (released July 2009)   

Mater from "Cars" (released May 2010)  

Jessie from "Toy Story 2 & 3"  (released September 2010) 

Bullseye from "Toy Story 2 & 3"  (released September 2010)  

Princess Tiana  (released December 2010)  

Rapunzel (released May 2011)  

Guido from "Cars 2" (released September 2011)   

Luigi from "Cars 2" (released September 2011)  

Carl, Russell & Dug from "Up" (released December 2011) 

The Aliens from "Toy Story" (released May 2012)  

Sulley & Boo from "Monsters Inc." (released September 2012)  

Mike from "Monsters Inc." (released September 2012)  

Tinker Bell (released January 2013)  

Mary Poppins (released June 2013) 

Nemo (released September 2013)  

Dory (released September 2013)  

Merida from "Brave"  (released January 2014)

Dusty from "Planes" (released June 2014)

Anna from "Frozen" (released October 2014)

Elsa & Olaf from "Frozen" (released October 2014)

Simba & Mufasa (released December 2014)

Goofy (Snowboarding) (released August 2015)

Alice (in Wonderland) (released November 2015)

Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland" (released November 2015)

Kristoff & Sven from "Frozen" (released December 2015)

Baymax from "Big Hero 6" (released April 2016)


(And that's all of the President's Editions to date. Part 3 continues with the porcelain ornaments.)

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