Discontinued Mezlan Crocodile / Alligator shoes?

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Every one needs to be aware of what there buying.  Mezlan is hands down the best, but doing your homework will pay off in the long run.  At any given time there is as many as 300 pairs listed on ebay.  Many are old stock( No longer current) , defective, or damaged stock.  my goal here is to help you gather as much info as possible to make an educated decision. I will have more info on my about me page. what im going to go over here is how to tell if the item is current of if its old and has been discontinued.  First find the shoes your interested in then Get the Model name from the seller if its not listed.  Then contact a local dealer or call nordstroms or better yet go to nordstoms.com and look through there catalog for the shoe your considering.  Remember old crocodile and alligator will crack peel and do you wants to be wearing an out of style item. Here are a few styles that have been discontinued a few years ago at.
trepuzzi crocodile loafers
Corsica Crocodile Dress Loafers
Princeton Alligator Oxfords (Discontinued on 12/05)
There are more so be sure to do you home work!
Be sure to ask me any questions ill be happy to help if i can.

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