Dirt Devil Ultra® Vision Turbo Bagless Vacuum, UD 40180

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In many ways this is a promising machine.  The motor is strong, the construction is reasonable, and the general fit and finish of the item is good.  Unfortunately, it appears that the designers of the machine never had a chance to test actual physical machines in the field.  This means that a number of defects are molded right into the design.

1.)  The unit comes with a headlight.  This is generally a good idea, as it is hard to do a good job cleaning something that you cannot see.  Unfortunately the headlight is mounted in such a way that it projects a good deal of light into the eyes of the operator, and almost none on the floor.   The solution to this problem is to run a piece of duct tape across the top of the light housing.  This does nothing to light up the floor, but will get the light out of your eyes while you work.

2.) The unit has a cord holder clip.  This would be good if it worked,  as it would get the cord up out of your way while you vacuum.  Unfortunately it is so weak that the cord falls out and down onto the floor at the slightest touch.  The solution to this is to run the cord up and tie it around the base of the handle.  The problem with this is that an already short cord becomes even more frustratingly short.  If the company had wanted to, they could have mounted the cord up high and avoided the whole problem.

3.) When the unit is empty and all its various cups and filters are new and clean, the vacuum has excellent suction and does an excellent job of picking up dirt.  Unfortunately it only takes about 15 ~ 20 minutes of use to clog up the HEPA filter almost completely.  All air that goes through the machine must pass through the HEPA filter, and as it clogs the machine becomes steadily weaker and weaker.  You can stop, open up the machine, pull out the pre filter and HEPA filter, take them outdoors and beat and shake them clean.  This will put you in the middle of a cloud of fine dust and tends to get dirt on your clothes.  You will wind up breathing a certain amount of dust while doing this. Then you will get another 15 ~ 20 minutes of good cleaning before you have to stop and break down the machine again.

You can avoid this by running the machine with no filter, but then you will spread a thin, even cloud of fine dirt all over everything in the area.  Substituting a larger HEPA filter would be the obvious fix for the problem, but the filter is so carefully molded into the machine that there is no obvious way to change it for any other filter of any kind.


These machines can be bought new from Wallmart for $90 US or for $100.00 US (includes shipping) directly from the Dirt Devil company.  When new from a dealer they have a two year warranty.  Some ebay vendors actually ask a higher price for the same machine, so think before you click.

A PDF of the owners manual can be found at:


which will tell you more than you probably want to know about the fine details of the machine.

The Dirt Devil name was an important part of why I bought this unit.  My last Dirt Devil was a good rugged little unit, and I assumed this one would be too.  Sadly, I was wrong.  I cannot recommend this machine to anyone
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