Directv leased equipment DVR's & standard receivers

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Directv leased equipment DVR's & standard receivers
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The purpose of this guide is to help honest buyers to do the right thing, so they do not get stuck with a directv receiver that can never be activated.

1.  Lot of people fail to read the fine print.
2.  People do not understand the lease that Directv
     started back in March 2006,

This guide is mostly pertaining to the receivers that come from ebay. There are guides on here that pertain to the leasing model that directv began doings back in MARCH of 2006. I am mostly dealing with used Directv equipment to help people understand the concepts when buying used Directv equipment here on ebay.

SELLERS that been selling directv receivers on ebay for while, should know by now to list the RID with any receiver by default. But they still fail to do so because they are either dumb as a "load of bricks" or they are just too lazy to do it. COME ON PEOPLE or SELLERS the RID is in plain sight on the receiver (inside access door on a sticker)  (on the back of receiver on a label)

Since there are so many directv receivers floating around on ebay. BE CAREFUL when bidding on the newer Directv Receivers and as well for the older Directv Tivo units.

As almost all the R15's are leased equipment from Directv and being sold on Ebay, the sellers are dishonest about them instead of confirming with directv they are owned. Lot of Directv Tivos are in collections.

I have already took the HOOK, LINE & SINKER on few of these receivers on ebay without doing the first, asking for the receiver RID, as i did the same thing for the older tivos as well.

Regardless of how a receiver is obtained, if it is a lease from Directv, you do not own it!!!  The sellers on ebay (dishonest sellers) do not have the right to sell leased Directv equipment.  Most of the sellers on ebay just try to make a profit off the deal in anyway they can.  Even if the sellers say the directv receiver is "SOLD AS-IS". Do the right thing. Check with directv the RID. Because it could be a lease.  If it is a "lease", Then inform ebay telling them the problem you are having with the seller. If the seller gives you problems.

ACCESS CARDS: Sellers may include the access with the receiver.  Once a card has been deactivated it cannot be reused. A new one must be purchased from Directv. Thats only if the receiver is owned and not in collections. NO IFS OR BUTS ABOUT access cards, once they are used and decommissioned they are good as ice scrapers!!!!! Be prepaid to shell out $20 for a new access card from directv. (This is well worth it for the dvr receivers if you find one owed but not in collections, and the price is about right)
Access cards can no longer be bought on ebay.

I strongly advise people out there shopping to get a good used Directv DVR any brand or model or a standard newer receiver off of ebay, is to !!!!!!!!!!!!!"ALWAYS ASK FOR THE RECEIVER RID"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and check with directv to make sure the receiver is not a"leased" but "owned", before placing a bid on any newer directv receiver, D10, D11 R10, R15, R16 ETC. The price may sound right, but the sellers may be dishonest about the receiver of not saying if it is a "lease" or "owned" receiver in the description.  IF THE SELLER DOES NOT RESPOND BECAUSE HE OR SHE REFUSES TO GIVE THE RECEIVER RID, or just giving you the run about the receiver, turn them into ebay, stating the problem, they refuse to give you the RID number. I also highly recommend that you put them on your not so good list of honest sellers list. As I tried to ask for the receiver rid number from sellers on ebay, and few of them refuse to respond or give out the rid. 

Lot of the folks fail to do this and then later to find out they have this brand new receiver they got from ebay and cannot get it activated.

When confirmed with Directv with a receiver, ask to speak to the access card department, they have the final word on the receiver, the lower end department of directv people don't know their heads from their rear-ends!!

The more people that do this, it will get ebay's attention and maybe they will start enforcing new rules for listing Directv used equipment. And sellers must include the RECEIVER' S RID before it can go up for sale on ebay.

And help ebay to be a safer trading place for buyers.

R stands for a recorder (DVR) in any directv receiver model number (R10, R15, R16)

D stands for a standard receiver (D10,D11)

H you will find the newer receivers such as HR20 HR21 they are

Directv always will keep a record of all previously activated receivers on file. They will refuse to activate a receiver that is leased but deactivated on the previous directv customer's account.

Directv began rolling new HD-DVR 21,22 & 23 series and now even newer series of hd-dvrs such as increased hard drive space.  As folks will be being looking for these on ebay soon. But the same concept here applies to those receivers as well.  A NOTE FOR THOSE THAT HAVE OLDER HD-DVRS: You will not need to upgrade these receivers if you own them, they still work just as well as the brand new lease ones that directv has just released few months back in of 2012 other then the hard drive storage increase and some other enhancements.

Following the advice that is in this guide will help you and other folks out there so they don't end up losing money in the deal.

If you find this guide useful please cast your vote on it, It will move up to the top of the list and help the ebay community understand the facts about Directv used equipment on ebay.

Hopefully Ebay will start enforcing new rules on listing Satellite equipment such as Directv receivers, the RID must be listed in the auction, or Ebay will refuse to list the item for sale.

Directv does not like owned receivers in their stream of leased receivers they provide.Because it takes away from their revenue. TO ME I THINK ITS STUPID THEY STARTED THE LEASING MODEL BACK IN MARCH OF 2006!!

There might be better reviews on ebay then what i have wrote here, but i am putting in basic details of what i know, if you find on other reviews, with leased directv receivers: 




To me people should be able to make their own decisions on how they want their receiver. Not having AUTHORIZED DEALERS telling them what they ave to do.  As i have sucessfully bought used directv equipment
from ebay in the past and had them activated. As this is the best way to go, if you don't want to spend $300 bucks on a new dvr r15 r16 and want to own it. If you have the directv protection with directv, and the receiver is owned, Directv will replace it and it will still be owned.

So in a way Directv has some not so good areas, but in other areas, they do their best to take care of their customers.

If you buy from one these authorized dealers, the receiver is still a lease regardless what they say about it. 

You do not have to buy from authorized dealers if you want to own your receiver, there are plenty of HONEST SELLERS on ebay that will go out of their way to tell you the details about the receiver. But still follow the details and facts that i created in this review on my experience dealing with used directv equipment. Most of the time the sellers out there that sell directv recievers will help you, the best to their knowledge and tell you the details about the receiver.

Looking around on ebay, now since the newer hd-dvrs are out, Be careful when buying the brand new HD-DVRs from ebay, Some people yet failing to put in the description that (this receiver is a lease) And so are the HD-DVR HR-21 (silver in color) These receivers sell brand new on ebay too, but same concept they are all a lease, no ifs or buts of owning them if they are new.
Brand new, YES THEY BRAND-NEW BUT NO WHERE IN THE DESCRIPTION DOES IT SAY ITS A LEASE?, but will be alease when activated.


You can own the HD-DVR, the person I recommend buying these hd-dvrs from is BARKER4TF5 (  he has some of the newer hd-dvrs that directv is leasing. (HR23, HR24) And yes he still has some of the older hr-21 series, it really does no matter if you own a hr-21 or the hr24 series they all perform the exact same except for the default hard drive in them. But you can always have barker put a bigger hard drive in the hr series.

This is what barker puts in all of his auctions on ebay: (thanks to barker for allowing me put his info in my review)

"I encourage everyone to check receiver ID#'s with Directv to make sure the receivers can be used before bidding. There are people selling Directv receivers on Ebay that are "LEASED" units that sometimes can never be activated. If a seller uses words like "new" or "never activated" or "new in box" 99.9%  of the time the receiver is what Directv calls a "Leased" unit and it will require an additional 2 yr/24 month extension  on your existing contract. Just because a seller says to call Directv you own the box, that doesn't mean anything. Directv says what the status is, not the other way around. Be very careful of sellers who will not provide you the RECEIVER ID NUMBER. Would you buy a car from someone who won't give you the VIN? Whether you buy from me or not, be a smart buyer and get the RID#."

i bought one from him and its owned, and he will go out of his way to help you to, in fact he puts in every receiver he sells on ebay is owned, $185 to $300 but well worth it for owning them.


The cost for buying outright (Brand new receivers) from directv to own. Its a estimate:
Standard DVR (R-15)  $400 dollars
High Definition Black(HD-DVR HR-24)$500
Standard receiver ($145) (confirmed with directv as of 12-29-09)

As you can see, finding used equipment on ebay is very cheap compared to buying them outright from directv.
I have bought several R-15 dvrs from ebay used, and they cost anywhere from ($30-$120) + $20 for a new access card from directv.  Just keep the protection plan on your account, because it is well worth it. When directv replaces it, it will continued to be owned. 
For the plain standard receiver i will never will lease one, because they are not worth the $5 a month ($60 a year) In two years times you will have $120 racked in in lease fees then add another $25 on top of the lease fee racked in twos it comes out to owning the receiver that is quoated above. >>>>I sure wished i bought that receiver not lease it!!!<<<<

Directv isn't all that bad. Leasing receivers from directv isn't bad either if you can sweet talk them into giving you the receiver with no upfront cost to lease.

If anyone has additional info that i may have missed, by all means please contact me so that i may list it, to help keep this review updated ..................  I only learn this information over time from being a directv customer since 1999 & reading about directv on the net.

Adding some additional info. I am still finding some auctions that the sellers are still refusing to list the rid numbers of the receiver, and some look like brand new, one seller saying: If I put the RID NUMBER in the description it is a security breach of ebay and may be prohibited!! STAND BY YOUR INSTINCTS AND ASK FOR THE RECEIVER RID!!! This is one of the most dumbest things yet or more like a excuse not to list the RID.

QUESTION: what is the rid#, that way people can check with directv to see if it can be transfered


"The auction clearly declares that the unit has never been activated. Therefore there is no need to verify transference. Revealing Serial Nos is a security breach and probably even prohibited by ebay. please read the auction description carefully." 


This guide been created long before that line of detail came into play!! SECURITY BREACH


Any receiver you get from ebay without a RID Directv will refuse to activate. So long for using non rid receivers. These receivers such as HUGHES, RCA,SAMSUNG WITOUT A RID IS NOW PAPERWEIGHTS!!!! And they are good for the shrap pile or the good old JUNK YARD!!!

DO NOT BOTHER WITH SUCH RECEIVERS FROM EBAY they are now totally useless!!!. But you still can activate the receivers with a RID as long it is owned and not a leased from DIRECTV.

Update about the directv leased equipment:
You can now add directv leased equipment to your account as owned.  Thats only if the receiver is not in collections and the person has paid the balanced owed. This only applies to some of the standard receivers and the r10 receivers.  Directv does not want back some of the older receivers now after a person has cancelled their service with directv. You can add the receiver as owned but will still have to get a new access card.
You can now even add certain hd-dvrs as owned now, because directv don't lot alot of the first series of hr xx back.
Direct has alot of dirty little secrets that they do not tell their customers.  Some of their pricing is not reasonable neither. They have improved their protection agreement with some new guide lines for new equipment, but yet they improve something then jack the price up to make up for the improvement, to me, all that is bunch of nonsense.
I may not update this guide for quite sometime but basically it still refers even to newest receivers that directv has put out. 
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