Dinosaur's rage - A New Deck Evolves

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Dinosaur's rage - A New Deck Evolves
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Dinosaur’s Rage – At Last lets me get Jurassic on your Arse!

So after a long wait we have the next Structure deck – Dinosaur’s rage, guaranteed to appeal to all small boys and men alike. Those days of the land that time forgot, King Kong, 2000BC, Godzilla et al No longer is Goggagio Gigagigo (or something similar that sounds like a gargle of phlegm) the only stomp machine on the block, metal Armoured bug eat your heart out. Rex Raptor’s Time is here.

So how does the deck compare with the other structure decks and my lads Exodia, Spirit Board combo – well pretty cool actually. I had already tried a Tyranno infinity / Remove from play deck at a Pharaoh’s Tour qualifier and enjoyed the Tyranno ¥ with Shooting star bow direct hit for 10, 000 LP! I also decked Dimensional Fissure, Giant rat, gigantes, return from a different dimension and gravekeepers retribution. There does not appear to be much sophistication but plenty of muscle can go along way.

As for this deck: -


Super Conductor Tyranno SCT

Kabazauls KAB

Sabersaurus SAB

Mad sword Beast MSB

Gilasaurus x 2 GIL

Dark Driceratops DD

Hyper Hammerhead x 2 HH

Black Tyranno BT

Tyranno Infinity TI

Hydrogeddon x 2 HYD

Oxygeddon OXY

Black Petra BP

Black Stego BS

Ultimate Tyranno UT

Miracle Jurassic Egg MJE

Babycerasaurus BAB


Big Evolution Pill

Tail Swipe

Jurassic World

Sebek’s Blessing


Mesmeric Control

Mystical Space Typhoon


Heavy Storm

Lightning vortex

Magical Mallet x 2


Hunting Instinct

Survival Instinct

Volcanic Eruption

Seismic Shockwave

Magical Arm Shield

Negate Attack

Goblin out of the frying Pan


Fossil Excavation

(Now we can all be Doug McClure!)

Dust of your old Uraby’s they are in the gang, again.

So with Gilasuarus to keep field presence especially early on when your opponent cannot also summon from their empty graveyard and Hyper Hammerhead copying DD Warrior Lady – i.e. a scaly battering ram for those 7+* Monsters you can start. Tyranno Infinity should wait until late in the game when you have plenty of removed from play cards.

Super Conductor Tyranno - As with Dark eradicator Warlock (spellcasters SD) and Exxod (Fortress SD) the biggest monster packs a 1000 pt back hand that means he will always prove tricky to deal with. Use Babycerasurus for the damage effect and you can recover 1 level 4 or lower to special summon - Hello Tyranno infinity!

Black Petra can yoyo as you discard monsters to activate Lightning vortex or Riryoku

Add a reptile monster with "Ultra evolution Pill" to special summon a dino, or you can use Giant rat or trojan Horse to exploit the mainly Earth monsters of this deck. Or a Hoshingen to boost up a Light SCT


Megamorph – doubled atk if you are losing. Can come in handy especially if played with the stomp of SCT or BT orTI

Riryoku - I gave up half of Tyranno Infinity's 6000 ATK to add to Dark driceratops's direct attack! (2400 + 3000 Direct . . . OUCH)


The best is Survival Instinct as it boosts your Lp's as well as making Tyranno Infinity Very hard to Kill (I managed to move 9 Din's on my first use, so 9 x 400 Lp's and ATK and DEF of 9, 000!!!)

Seismic Shockwave looks cool as well as a 3/5 Swords of revealing light or hvy storm for traps and spells effect it can also ANY dino as if monster reborn! Cooool

Malfunction is a trap jammer, negate attack a stopper (like magic cylinder, draining shield or mirror wall) Survival Instinct and Megamorph are the two Game winners. Firstly You can gain life with SI and boost a tyranno infinity while MM doubles any attack (with YI or DD it is

Side Deck

Royal Decree

Gravity bind – stops all 4* or worse monsters – Guess which monster is a 1* with an atk 1000 x removed dino’s!!!

Shooting star Bow Ceal – not a good choice before because a lowered atk (-1000) was no direct atk Killer but now with Tyranno Infinity all you need is 9 Dino’s removed from play and you have 8,000 One Shot KILL. I would therefore consider losing Black Petra simply because you actually want cards in the graveyard or use dimensional fissure to (re) move all corpses from play not to the graveyard.Fairy Meteor Crush would also do in a pinch.


Field Cards

Sogen –


Water Dragon – to take advantage of Oxy and Hydra-geddon

As always you could use a few Sakretsu Armours, Smashing ground, mirror force and torrential Tributes to compliment the lightning Vortex and Heavy Storm. All these are Std trap and spell cards to remove monsters or clear the field of trick cards.

Anyway Good Luck and happy Stomping.

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