Digital Camera Batteries: NEVER use standard Alkaline!

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I wanted to share this battery information to anyone interested in buying a new digital camera. Whatever you do, don't use the standard AA Alkaline batteries that come with your new camera!

Digital Cameras and other similar electronic devices are considered "high-drain" devices since they put quite a bit of strain on the batteries during normal use. In contrast, "low-drain" devices like your TV remote control discharge the batteries slowly over a long period of time.

Standard AA Alkaline batteries are not able to handle the "high-drain" from digital cameras and will therefore completely die within hours (only after taking 40 or so pictures)! The best type of batteries to use would be your favorite brand of NiMH rechargeable batteries with a high mAh rating (mAh indicates storage capacity...the higher the better). Below is a true story that just happened to me a few months ago and motivated me to share this story so it would benefit those who are unaware about the differences in battery types.

A friend was in the market for a new digital camera, and I came along as the "electronics guy" who was basically in charge of making sure they got the best camera for the right price. After spending quite a bit of time comparing different models and features, I finally decided upon one camera that I thought would be perfect for them. It had all the features they requested and at the perfect price point, so they went for it based on my recommendation.

Later that day we got the camera out, popped in the AA Alkaline batteries (which came with it in the box...naturally you would tend to put those in first) and I started to demonstrate all the advanced and cool features the camera was equipped with. Much to my dismay, after about 40 or so test pictures the batteries completely died! Not only was this embarrassing (since I had recommended this particular camera), but they were on the verge of returning the camera to the store all together! I convinced them to give the camera (and me!) one more chance, and I returned later that night with a set of NiMH rechargeables. After waiting for them to charge, we popped those in and continued taking pictures the rest of the night. And the next day...and for the next two weeks on a single charge!

I felt very relieved that it wasn't something wrong with the camera at all, just a simple mistake of which batteries to put in it that made a world of difference. Some people who aren't aware of this fact may very well return their digital cameras all together for the wrong reason. Hopefully this guide will catch a few eyes before you make your digital camera purchase and you can start with the right batteries from the beginning!

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