Diablo 2 : LoD Bowazon Build Guide

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Energy: Nothing
Strength: To equip items only
Dexterity: All left over points
Vitality: 50-75 points
Minimum Character Level: 78 (with all 12 bonus skill points)

Bow And Crossbow Skills: Magic Arrow 1, Cold Arrow 1, Multiple Shot 10, Guided Arrow 20.
Javelin and Spear Skills: Jab 1, Poison Javelin 1, Power Strike 1, Lightning bolt 1, Charged Strike 1.
Passive and Magic Skill: Inner Sight 1, Slow Missiles 1, Decoy 1, Valkyrie 1, Dodge 12+, Avoid 7+, Evade 12+, Critical Strike 15+, Penetrate 1
Additional skill points: Dodge, Avoid, Evade and Critical Strike

Weapon (1st choice): Faith Grand Matron Bow with lvl 13-15 Fanaticism Aura
Weapon (2nd choice): Faith Grand Matron Bow with lvl 12 Fanaticism Aura
Helm (Fanaticism 13-15): 120/45ias Bone Visage
Helm (Fanaticism 12): Harlequin Crest socketed with 40/9dex jewel
Body Armor (Fanaticism 13-15): Fortitude Dusk Shroud
Body Armor (Fanaticism 12) 160/60ias Dusk Shroud
Swap (Against Melee): Titan's Revenge Ethereal and Whitstan's Guard socketed with Shael rune
Swap (Against Caster):Call To Arms Flail and Spirit runeword
Gloves: Athletic Gauntlets of Alactrity ( Magic gloves with +3 to Passive and magic Skills / 20%ias)
Boots: War Traveler
Belt (Fanaticism 13-15 - 1st choice): Siggard's Stealth 1.08 *Bugged*
Belt (Fanaticism 13-15 - 2nd choice): Gold Wrap
Belt (Fanaticism 12): Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Rings: Raven Frost 225+AR/20dex and Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
Amulet: Highlord's Wrath
Charms: Annihilus, Hellfire Torch, 20 x Fine Small Charm of Vita 3/20/20, 5 x Shimmering Small Charm of Inertia 5res/5frw and the rest of inventory filled with poison charms, either Toxic Small Charm of Vita 100/20 or Toxic Small Charm of Anthrax 290.

Strategy: First cast Decoy and Valkyrie so that they take the hits instead of you. Then Shoot Guided Arrows at your opponent. Use Multiple Shot if he gets too far away or if you are dueling multiple opponents. If a melee opponent gets too close you should swap to Titan's Revenge and Whitstan's Guard in order to block and attack him with Jab or Charged Strike.

Thanks for looking, i hope you found this guide helpful, look at my other guides for more help on diablo 2: lod Character builds!!!!

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