Diablo 2 LOD Character Set-Up Guide - Smiter Paladin

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This is the second page of the paladin section of my Complete Character Set-Up Guide in ebay.

This time, I share with you the most godly PVP smiter paladin.

Same as before, I use summary format to describe all the details, (1) basic information, (2) stats distribution, (3) skill allocation, (4) gear requirements, (5) inventory, (6) hirelings and (7) Few Strategic Advices

(1) Basic Information

Smiter Paladin has been well recognized by majority of professional players as the best character to do PVP (to duel with other player) and to kill bosses, clone and ubers.  It is such a strong PVP character in new patch 1.11.  No one will say NO to his dueling power!

Smiter Paladin has high damage and defense.  His attack cannot be blocked.  He cannot be dodged (some people may argue at this point but many of my friends has tested this)  Few people hates it only because it is too costly to set up a good one!

(2) Stats Distribution

  • Strength: Around 150 points on strengths. Strength increases smite damage.  Around 150 points invest on strength before equipping with any gear is good enough unless you want to use a two-ber Crown of ages.
  • Dexterity: To achieve 75% faster block rate, smiter paladin must have about 120 points on dexterity before wearing any gear.  That makes him good at doing blocking and achieve higher attack rating.
  • Energy: None. With loads of faster hit recovery charms and potions in the inventory, you don't need to invest any skill point here.
  • Vitality: At least 160 points here. Smiter Paladin deals with monsters and attackers face to face so he needs to have a lot of vitality to remain alive when attacking and defending.

(3) Skills Allocation

  • Smite = 20 (before any skill point added by your gear)
  • Holy Shield = 20 (Ditto)
  • Defiance = 20 (Ditto)
  • Fanaticism = 20 (Ditto)
  • Zeal = 5 points
  • Sacrifice = 5 points
  • Pre-Requisite skills = 1 on might, blessed aim, concentration, charge, holy bolt, blessed hammer
  • Remaining skill points to be allocated based on your preference among zeal, sacrifice, redemption

(4) Gears Requirements (Best Options)

  • Helm - 40/15ias shako, Ber'ed Shako or 2xber crown of ages (If you are willing to invest 24 more on strengths  on your character, you can use 2xber crown of ages)
  • Amulet - Highlords amulet for skill, IAS and critical strike
  • Armor - Enigma Archon Plate, Duress Sacred Armor (base defense with +15% enhanced defense) or Up'd ethereal guardian angel armor (socketed with zod rune) You only need to switch to the guardian angel armor in town when you have encountered elemental-immune bosses or magic-casting characters in few circumstances.  Enigma and Duress are the best options.
  • Weapon - First weapon for switch: Grief runeword Phase Blade (for dueling - pvp) and Last Wish Runeword Zerker (for killing uber) (choosing grief and last wish is because of his target's defense) and Second weapon for switch: one 4/6/3 call-to-arms runeword flail/crystal sword or the best 4/6/3 CTA scepter with +3 to holy shield(BUT the battle order level must be +6)
  • Shield - First shield with Grief Phase Blade or Last Wish Zerker is Up'd Herald of Zakarum Shield (socketed with one +15 resists/15ias jewel) or ethereal exile runeword vortex shield AND second shield with CTA for switching is another regular Herald of Zakarum (with CTA flail or crystal sword or +3 holy shield CTA scepter) or Good Spirit runeword Paladin shield (better with the second mods of good resistances).
  • Belt = Trang Set Belt, Thunder Gods Belt, Crafted Blood belt (with 17% faster hit recovery, 10 open wound, 3% Life Stolen per hit, +20 to life, other stats boost and resistances), or verdungo Belt.  The best option is the crafted blood belt.
  • Gloves = Dracul's Grasp Vampirebone Gloves or Crafted Blood Gloves with +20 increased attack speed, +10% to crushing blow, 3% life stolen per hit, plus additional stats and resistances
  • Boots = Up'd gorerider
  • Ring 1 = Perfect Bul Kathos Ring (5% Life stolen per hit)
  • Ring 2 = Perfect Raven Ring (+250 to attack rating/+20 to Dexterity)

(4) Inventory

  • Good Annihilus & paladin hellfire torch
  • Load of faster hit recovery small charms with life and resistance to all, small charms with 20 Life/5 resistance and 20 Life/faster run & walk.
  • at least 8x paladin combat skill charms with 12% faster hit recovery

(5) Hireling

  • Although hireling is not very helpful for dueling and PVP but having one is still offering you some help in some occasions.
  • The best choice is still Nightmare Act 2 Defensive with holy freeze skill (freezing your enemies)
  • Equipped him with ethereal insight runeword cryptic axe - with perfect level 17 meditation aura!
  • Equipped him with ethereal fortitude runeword armor (this boosts his Jab damage by 300%)
  • Equipped him with ethereal andariel visage helm (10% life stolen per hit) or ethereal Crown of Thieves (12% life stolen per hit); if possible, add a jewel with the mods of faster hit recovery plus resistances to all.  I personally prefer the ethereal Crown of thieves because it gives higher life stolen per hit, 50 to life and without lowering down the original fire resistances.

(6) A bit more for Strategies (However, it really depends on your own preference.  Below is just few suggestions.)

  • Always have your up'd HOZ and CTA switched back & forth.
  • With battle command skill casted, you will get up to +7 to combat skills.  Once you cast battle order and battle command skills, you switch to the grief phase blade(or last wish zerker) with the shield.
  • Cast battle command, battle order, holy shield and again battle command (in this order) before you enter the battlefield
  • The threats to your smiter paladin are war cry barbarian, sorceress, poison-and-bone-skilled necromancer, good elemental druid, another strong smiter paladin.
  • Beware of iron maiden and thorns skill.
  • use F1-F8 function to preset up your skills so that you can switch skills easily during your killing

With all the above and your own wise strategies, your paladin will be a super-godly dueler.  You own in all the PVP battles!!

Hope you enjoy this guide and I will write some more later! Please keep come back after a week.

If you find this guide helpful to you, please vote for it.  I need your support and encouragement to keep my work ongoing.


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