Determining your bolt pattern

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This guide is to help you determine your bolt pattern, or p.c.d... This guide will help you understand how to measure your bolt pattern on your car truck or on your wheels. This will refer to any wheel rim dub wire wheels spoke rims alloy rims etc.

Bolt Pattern:

Bolt pattern (when referring to vehicles) is basically the number of studs (or lugs) your wheels bolt onto, and the measurement of the imaginary circle the studs form. Most vehicles have either 4, 5, or 6 bolt patterns, meaning they have 4, 5, or 6 wheel studs. Some older or larger trucks have 8 studs as well.

Here is an example of a 5 lug vehicle:


On wheels, it is basically the same, but instead of how many lugs it refers to how many holes are on the wheel (to bolt to the vehicles lugs). Some wheels have more than one bolt pattern on them (multi hole wheels). These wheels will fit on more than one bolt pattern.

Here is an example of a multi hole wheel (5 lug, 10 hole wheel): 

This wheel will fit two different 5 lug patterns.

Wire wheels come with universal adapters, which fit 3 lug patterns on one adapter. These will be referred to by what pattern it is, by how many holes there are.

For example: 5 lug, 15 hole adapter ( 5 lug adapter, 15 holes):

These will fit three different 5 lug patterns. Sometimes referred to as 5 lug universal adapters.


P.C.D. stands for "pitch circle diameter". Which is basically the same term as bolt pattern. P.C.D. is usually measured in mm. Sometimes it will be measured in inches.

For example: 5 x 4.75 in inches would equal 5 x 120.65 in mm measurement.

The way this number breaks down is as follows:

5 - five studs, or holes

4.75 - measurement in inches the imaginary circle forms in the lugs.

Measuring your P.C.D. 

Measuring yout bolt pattern, or P.C.D. is fairly simple. To measure your P.C.D., you will want to measure the distance between the center of your stud or lug hole, to the center hub of your vehicle or wheel hole.

Here is how:

Measure this distance, once you get this measurement, multipy it by two. This will give you your P.C.D. measurement. For example if your measurement is 2.25", you would multiply that by 2, which equals 4.5".

2.25 x 2 = 4.5, you would have a 5 lug pattern, 4.5" P.C.D., or 5 x 4.5 pattern.

Here is a list of common bolt patterns in standard (inches) and metric (mm)

4 x 3.93 - 4 x 100

4 x 4.25 - 4 x 107.95

4 x 4.33 - 4 x 110

4 x 4.50 - 4 x 114.3

4 x 5.12 - 4 x 130

4 x 5.51 - 4 x 140

5 x 4.00 - 5 x 100

5 x 4.25 - 5 x 107.95

5 x 4.50 - 5 x 114.3

5 x 4.53 - 5 x 115

5 x 4.72 - 5 x 120

5 x 4.75 - 5 x 120.65

5 x 5.12 - 5 x 130

5 x 5 - 5 x 135

Hopefully now you understand what bolt pattern means, what P.C.D. means, and how to measure your pattern. This is one of the most important factors to whether your new wheels will fit or not. No matter how nice the wheels look, if you can't bolt them onto the car, they aren't going to do much good.

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