Delivery Confirmation and Paypal

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This morning while scanning the blogs there was a post about Paypal and Delivery Confirmation.  So this is a guide to help people when they are shipping items via USPS Domestic Mail and using Paypal.  When a customer pays for their items and you are ready to Ship, you click on the ship button on your account overview on Paypal and the shipping page comes up.

 This page gives you all the details that you need.  Who you are shipping too, who the package is from, which method of shipping is being used, the weight of the package, if insurance is required etc.   Shipping  a package is done in 3 easy steps, you create the label, purchase the label and then print the label.

The first thing that users must remember is that as long as a parcel is being shipped Priority Mail delivery confirmation is always FREE.  This applies to regular Priority Mail and the Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes.  If you are shipping via Parcel Post, Media Mail and First Class Mail, delivery confirmation is an extra 14 cents, so you must make sure that this extra cost is included in your overall shipping cost that you charge your customers.  You can opt out of the delivery confirmation, but then your customers will not have any notification if their package is on the way, just your word. 

The extra cost for delivery confirmation can be an oversight that a lot of users of Paypal are not awhere of.  I was caught out a couple of times when I first started using Paypal to print shipping labels, but it sure beats standing in line, and is cheaper than the extra 60 cents for the hand written delivery confirmation you can add at the Post Office.

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