Dawn Doll by Topper

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Dawn Doll by Topper
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Did you grow up in the 60's & 70's loving those adorable 6" Dawn Dolls?  I did too!  If it is one of the standard collection dolls like Dawn, Glori or Angie that you want to bring back nastagia of these dolls, you can find one on E-bay for around $10.  However, if your taste for Dawn Dolls is a little more exotic, then you could look for:

  • a majorette doll (Dawn, Kip or Connie)
  • a model agency doll (Denise, Daphne, Maureen, Melanie or Dinah)
  • a variation doll - like sidepart Glori, Fancy Feet, or Long Locks
  • one of the boy dolls (Gary, Ron, Kevin or Van)
  • Dale the african american beauty

These will typically cost you a bit more, perhaps $20-35.  And if you are one of those people who love to have the original still in the box doll, you are probably in the $30-60 range for a doll - although the sky is the limit for the most rare dolls.  Certain clothing outfits are also highly collectable, like "Silvery Pom-Poms" or "Cloak and Swagger".  Yes the names for the outfits are outrageous!  A nicely kept vintage carrying case is a must to keep your dolls and clothes in, they come in a few different sizes including a rare purse where Dawn's head peeks out of a little window.  Many accessories like cars, stages and music boxes are sometimes available if you are willing to search & wait for them on E-bay.

Here are some buyer bewares for new Dawn Doll shoppers:

  • Beware of knock-off dawn dolls.  Make sure the back of their heads are stamped topper with a model number.  (ie usually a letter followed by 2 numbers, H11).  One type of knock-off doll is Rock Flower Dolls with a rubber type body that doesn't bend like Dawns.  These dolls are typically not worth as much as Topper Dawn Dolls, although there are some rare knock-offs that have value as well.
  • Beware of the anniversary series Dawn Dolls that came out in 2001 - although these are nice dolls, they are NOT the original vintage dawn from your childhood, they are a remake.
  • Beware of green knees or knees that don't click.  Dawn dolls are notorious for having a faint green color around their knees (and sometimes faces) that comes from the metal that was used inside the body, or knees that have lost the capacity to bend or stay bent.  Dolls with no green and knees that still click are a more pristine vintage doll and worth more money.
  • Beware of missing eyelashes, hairplugs or cut hair.  Dawn dolls also have a tendancy to get their hair pulled out or trimmed by little girls that were too rough with their dolls.  Be sure to ask the seller if the doll has all it's hair.
  • Beware of chewed appendages.  Little girls, or perhaps little brothers, often seem to have chewed on Dawn doll toes or fingers resulting a doll without much value.
  • Beware Pippa Dolls are similiar dolls that were made and distributed in countries other than the USA, for example Great Britain.  So although these dolls are adorable and just as collectable as Dawn, you won't recognize them from your childhood if you are from the United States.

If you keep these issues in mind when looking for Dawn Dolls you will end up with a very nice collection of Dawn Dolls that will increase in value as time goes on.  Keep in mind that the prices I list for the dolls are from my own experience and can vary from year to year depending on their popularity.

Be sure to browse the E-bay dawn doll category:


However, searching outside of the Dawn category can sometimes yield unfound treasures as people often think they are Barbies or some other doll type.  Good luck with your collecting of Dawn items!

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