Dating Vintage Chanel Perfumes

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Dating Vintage Chanel Perfumes
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In this guide I will list the various perfumes presented by the House of Chanel from 1921-2003. There is enough information on the web about Chanel, so I won't include it here. This is just about her perfumes and when they were made, and how to date her bottles.

Gabrielle Chanel born in Saumur, France on the 18th August 1883, brought up in an orphanage.  She established a fashion shop in Deauville France.  She then moves the shop to 31 rue Cambon, Paris in 1918.

The perfume of Chanel No. 5 was internationally popular with women of high society in particular. “La Société des Parfums Chanel" was founded in 1924 to produce and sell perfumes and beauty products. Reportedly, the signature scent was a result of her belief in superstitions. She was scheduled to show her collection on the fifth day of the fifth month.

In 1924, Pierre Wertheimer and his brother  Paul became Coco Chanel's partners in the House of Chanel perfume business. Two years before, in 1922, the perfume Chanel No. 5  had been introduced and Ms Chanel needed the Wertheimers' extensive experience in commerce, their American business connections, and their capital to fully develop and market the product. During their partnership, Wertheimer owned 70% of the Chanel perfume company. Chanel owned 10% and Chanel's friend, Théophile Bader, owned the remaining 20%. According to Forbes Magazine, the House of Chanel is jointly owned by Pierre Wertheimer's grandsons. Bought by Wertheimer Family of Germany in c1995.

The clothing line brand is now headed by German-born designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel died on 10th January 1971.

All Chanel perfumes appear in the signature Chanel bottle based on the original Sem design. 

Earlier Chanel bottles were made by Verreries Brosse and the bases will be embossed with a VB or BR logo.

Dating Chanel No. 5 Bottles:

original 1921 bottle with rounded corners

another 1921 bottle now with sharper corners

1924 bottle with new stopper design

1950 bottle with thicker stopper

1970 bottle when stopper was at its thickest

1986 bottle with simplified stopper


The perfumes of Chanel:

  • 1921 N°5, reorchestrated in 1960, again in 1986
  • 1921 No. 11 Used in the Trade Mark war with Wertheimer pre World War II
  • 1921 No 20
  • 1921 No. 27
  • 1921 No. 55
  • 1922 N°22, reorchestrated in 1989, again in 1999
  • 1922 No. 2 Used in the Trade Mark war with Wertheimer; pre World War II.
  • 1922 No. 14
  • 1922 No. 18
  • 1924 Cuir de Russie
  • 1925 Gardénia
  • 1926 N°21
  • 1926 Bois des Iles
  • 1926 N°5 (US introduction)
  • 1926 N°11
  • 1930 Le 1940 Bleu
  • 1930 Le 1940 Rouge
  • 1930 Le 1940 Beige
  • 1930 Sycomore
  • 1931 Ivoire
  • 1931 Un Idee
  • 1933 Jasmin
  • 1933 Glamour
  • 1935 Three Moods
  • 1945 Mademoiselle Chanel N°1
  • 1945 Mademoiselle Chanel N°2
  • 1945 Mademoiselle Chanel N°31
  • 1946 Cynique
  • 1946 No. 46
  • 1955 Pour Monsieur
  • 1970 N°19
  • 1970 No. 10
  • 1974 Cristalle
  • 1981 Antaeus
  • 1984 Coco
  • 1987 Bois Noir
  • 1990 Egoïste
  • 1993 Egoïste Platinum
  • 1996 Allure
  • 1998 Une Fleur de Chanel
  • 2002 Coco Mademoiselle
  • 2003 Chance

Found these scents but unknown dates:

  • Chanel No. 9
  • Chanel No. 7
  • Chanel No. 1

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