Dansko v/s Sanita comfort clogs

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Dansko v/s Sanita comfort clogs
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After wearing Dansko clogs for a couple of years I decided to sell them on Ebay. They are absolutely the most comfortable shoes available for those of us who spend hours on our feet each day. Soon after I began researching this company and the previous auctions on Ebay I discovered the Sanita brand and wondered if the two companies were related. I found a pair of clogs one day which carried both names and so I searched both companies pages and came across this: [Temecula, CA Please be advised that effective August 9, 2007, the contractual relationship between Dansko Inc. and Sanita A/S has ended. This means that Sanita A/S, with immediate effect, no longer delivers stapled flexible clogs to Dansko Inc. Thus 17 years of private label manufacturing for Dansko Inc. has come to an end. The Stapled Flexible clog manufactured by Sanita, according to expired SANITA patent no. 0060240, will hereafter only be available in the USA under the Sanita brand. While Sanita has been accepting pre-orders for stapled clogs for January 2008, this recent development means that Sanita is able to not only accept orders for, but also ship Flexible Stapled Clogs, such as Professional, Sonja and Karl immediately. Show Stopper styles have been moved up to a November 1, 2007 ship date. All core products, such as black and brown Professional, are available as of September 2007. Sanita is committed to minimizing any impact on retailers and consumers. We are working diligently to ensure steady supply, allowing you to do "business as usual". Same product, made by the same materials, by the same artisans, in the same Sanita owned factory. We stand behind our products 100%, always have, always will. Questions or concerns can be addressed to info@sanitaclogs.com Best Regards, Sanita Management] Taken from this page: http://www.sanitaclogs.com/news.asp Evidently Sanita had a long contract with Dansko to produce the stapled, flexible clog bottom found in many Dansko shoe styles. This contract expired last year and such shoes will now be sold by Sanita alone. These shoes have become synonymous with one another for good reason, but the newer styles are independent entities, sharing nothing except for their philosophies.
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