Danish Neolithic arrow heads, transverse arrow points.

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Danish Neolithic arrow heads, transverse arrow points.
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Ancient Arrows are known all over the world. Small sharp pieces of flint sharfted in wood ready to kill in hunting or war. The Danish Stoneage has a large arsenal of types during different cultures and periodes in time.

Many have asked me about the Danish transverse arrow, this special type of arrow made of blades.

Blades done from a core-block were chopped into pieces, the shape can be very different, depending of the time-age, culture and tradition: Square, Rectangular, Rhombic, Triangle, Asymmetrical or crooked.

Also the size can be different: slant, long, slim and broad etc. They can be mutch less than a 1 cm (0.39 inch) to more than 2 cm (0.79 inch)

Extreme large arrows are known from Kongemose culture. So called Bear-arrows They messure 4 cm (1.57 inch) and have been shafted like spear points.


The sharp side of the blade became the edge. the other end was mounted in the wood-shaft. The slimsides are carefully made with small neat flaking, done from frontside or backside or both, depending of the type and sub type.

The broad and sharp edge was efficient, and cut trough the prey. The killing-effekt was considerable.During Aerteboelle Culture 5500 b.c "dysse-time" and "jaettestue-time" for more than 2000 years.

The transverse arrow type finished in singlegrave culture 2400 b.c. and was relieved by other types of Arrow heads.

3 arrows shafted in wood are known:


The transverse arrow are not common in graves from mesoliticum but often seen in graves from "farmer" stoneage -younger stoneage.

It was simple and quick to make, that's why it lasted so long. Later other more advanced substitute was invented, used for war, -tresided, toothed or later the famous danish daggertime arrow heads, but that is another story:


I hope this little guide gave you some knowledge about this interesting "Danish Design" arrow head

Thanks- Tom


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