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The Dyson bagless vacuum is the top selling Bagless vacuum in the United States. England and Australia. Its far superior to the Eureka, Bissell, Hoover and Kenmore bagless.

James Dyson explains who it works better than any other vacuum. James Dyson first came to minor fame when he invented the Ballbarrow, instead of a wheel that would sink in wet/muddy ground, he replaced it with a ball. Dyson started mass producing the Dyson vacuum in England 1993. They now produce thier vacuums where ever labor is cheap.

I Have tried all the New models, DC07, DC14 and DC15 also known as THE BALL. The DC08 canister. Plus the New Dyson DC17 ABSOLUTE, and the first Dyson hand held vacuum, This called the ROOT 6. The Absolute DC17 comes in at 21 pound empty and has something Dyson call level 3 Root cyclone Technology. Its has a very powerful brush bar, one of the best on the markets for carpets, it will lift any pet hair and turn. However, since its launch, complaints have been flooding in. It gives your carpets a real pounding, after time they wear, tear and some owners have complained the carpets are going bald. Dyson's reponse is that these consumers have the setting too low. However on the instructions it does say for a deep clean use a low setting. The motorized high speed brush, combined with the very heavy weight does 'Kill' your carpets.

The New Dyson Slim that has just been launched spring 2007, is Dysons light weight vacuum. Probably due to all the complaints abot the heavy weight. It has great suction, it is only 12 pound, Thats good for Dyson, Not as light as Oreck. A major problem with the slim is they are top heavy and when standing, can easily topple over. I treid it and went to move some chairs and it fell over twice. You dont want a hard plastic 12 pound vacuum crushing down on your ankles or furniture. Its still brand new and I am sure Dyson will rectify the problem. Please Dyson people dont call me about this again, as I said to you this is just a consumer guide, with good and bad points. In the US we are allowed to do this.

The good points.

1)The Dyson has some of the best attachments of any vacuum on the market today. The low reach models do get under beds and some furniture. The huge extension hose some 17ft long is great for cleaning carpet on the stairs. All the attachments clip to the vacuum when not in use, so are handy when you need to use them. If you are vacuuming the floor and you see a cobweb with a non-paying resident on a lamp or ceiling, you just unhook the hose and suck up the offender.

2) No need to buy vacuum bags. It claims to never clog or block ever.

3) Claims to have a high filter rating, This is almost as good as some of the Hypo-Allergenic vacuums with bags. It comes with lifetime washable filters, However they do take approx 48 hours to dry once washed and after 3 years start to fall apart, The good news, replacements are inexpensive. Its probably best to buy a spare and dry it out properly. You can buy replacement Dyson Filters here on e-bay, from a variety of sellers, Only buy genuine Dyson to insure your warranty, Avoid the 'Honeywell' made to fit part.

4) The ball is great to use and maneuvers easily through a home. Probably one of the best features, this is great.

5) Good suction, This machine really sucks!

The bad points.

1) The cost. They vary from model to model, Some models have to sell at $599. However any dealer found selling this model the Dyson Dc15 animal at a lower cost will be in violation of contract and will loose authorized dealership status. Typically a dealer will pay $402 or lower for this model. All models have a dealer price and retail advertised price. This practice keeps the price high. Even large chains like Sams club and Walmart can NOT advertise lower than Dyson Market Sales price, If they do they would have to pay a higher price themselves. This practice is illegal in Europe, and in James Dyson's home the United Kingdom.

2) The weight. You need arms like Mr Universe to carry a dyson. Some models with all attachments can weight up to 31 pound. And thats empty fill it with dust and add another 1-2 pound. All the attchments fitted dont help. Compare this to an Oreck at 8 pound, or even Eureka upright bagless at only 11 pound. This is why you need the long hose, not many people want to carry a large object that weight over 30 pound up and down stairs. But if you have rooms upstairs with carpets, you will need to carry it up and down. Take care. (Dyson's new hand held vacuum 'ROOT 6' , came out in store's December 2006, is a joke, Your wrist just cant take it, Its far too heavy for a hand held. You hold it like a gun, But you need 2 hands. I dont know what the Guys at Dyson where thinking.)

3) To empty the machine, you would probably need a dust mask. This is not just Dyson however, all bagless vacuum have this problem. What ever bagless you use, Bissell, Hoover,Eureka or Panasonic, always wash your hands after emptying out the vacuum. The vacuum waste is a mix of human hair and dead skin, pet hair, food crumbs, dirt, dead insects, bugs, bed bugs and the droppings and up to 6 types of bacteria. ..Hmm nice..... Wash your hands!

4) Plastic design. Its brittle. Most Dyson's, I get in to be repaired are due to cracks in the plastic body, Again the weight of the machine does not help, If dropped or knocked over it will crack. The warranty will NOT cover this. Many are made in Malaysia, using cheap parts from China. I wrote this guide almost 2 years ago and come back to update. The biggest problem we are seeing is how brittle the plastic is getting.

5) They do clogg/block. I  repair them. The customers have 2 large dogs and the Dyson animal could not handle all the hair, It clogged in the main inlet, causing the vacuum to overheat. (However, to be fair,  ANY vacuum cleaner on the market would do the same. The others just dont claim to never clog)

6) The back up service. Dyson now offer a 5 yr warranty. You have to pay to ship it to the Head office($40) If they feel its damaged due to misuse, You will have to pay for the repair. parts and return shipping fee. ($40) They dont have a factory here in the U.S as the Dyson is currently made in Malaysia and imported.


If you are still interested in getting a Dyson,  you really do want a bagless upright, with the best attachments on the market, Go for the Dyson Dc15 Animal, It has more power than the DC07 or DC14. The Dc17 absolute is an Absolute waste of money and is just hype. Its $150 more and you get nothing more, The marketing dept at Dyson are laughung at you. This machine is so large and heavy unless you have no furniture, stairs, or door ways to steer around, its pretty patheitc. The new Dyson cylinder or canisters DC19, DC20 Stowaway, DC21 Motorhead have held up well with the first tests. However, The price!! up to $595. We have taken them apart to look for the Gold.. It was not there. It just has a motor and attachments. It no better than the Eureka Mighty Mite Canister that costs $75-$99. Infact the motor in the Eureka has a higher Amp motor and more suction.

DYSON, ORECK OR KIRBY VACUUM- Which is the best vacuum?

I get asked this alot: The answer is not that simple.

The Dyson has some great attachmnets and if you have HEAVY pet hair on stairs and in thick carpets this is the best vacuum. The Kirby will also tackle it but takes longer to assemble and costs a fortune.

If you have a family and a small pet, The oreck will takle everything, bare floors and carpets. Its light weight 8 pound, makes it easy to grab, 'plug in and go'. It will not do stairs as it has no attachments. I wold recommend a small canister such as the Eurka Mighty Mite. I dont recommend the Oreck canisters, despite selling them and the bags.

The Dyson is heavier and takes a little longer to set up, The Kirby! You need to allow some time to get it out and set it up, it weighs a ton and has no real power more than the Dyson.

I have given good points and bad for the Dyson above, This is just my honest opinion, as an owner of a large cleaning company and retailer of Vacuum cleaners, including Dyson, Hoover, Oreck, Eureka and Panasonic. I hope this helps even if its a little. Have a nice day.

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