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These instructions were created to help you successfully install and operate your new digital bicycle computer / speedometer. 1) It’s important to use the included rubber gasket to help hold the bracket in place and to keep it from sliding around the handlebar. Make sure the computer locks into the bracket or it will not be able to read the information sent from the magnetic sensors. 2) Wrap the wire around the brake line. If you wrap the wire around the fork and handlebars. It is necessary to leave plenty of slack when approaching the end of the fork and handlebars to void breaking the wire while turning. Use tie wraps to hold the wire in place. 3) The spoke magnet can be placed anywhere on the wheel because no matter where it is placed, the rotations will always be the same. Normally about 4” from the center. The smaller rubber gasket is used here. 4) The sensor on the fork should be mounted on the inside of the fork because the distance between the 2 sensors should be greater than 1mm but less than 3mm. 5) You have successfully installed your bicycle speedometer. Enjoy!
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