Crate Vintage Club 50 watt tube amplifier.

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Crate Vintage Club 50 watt tube amplifier.
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i wouldn't say they are junk,they have a muffled sound for some reason, at almost any volume,the distortion side of the amp was scarey to use,it is real tempormental on adjustments.and to me .they are not worth even half of what people are asking for will play loud but not clean,its really tuff to looks real nice and its heavy as hell..but a lot less than i expected

hell i wouldn't pay more than 150 max for one of these, out of all the amps i have owned(and i have owned all the biggies)this one is by far , a lot less then it looks.i was real disappointed and actually felt bad about it,but in "my opinion",and i am not the only one to say this out there ,just because someone else says it has great reviews doesn't mean it is a great amp...go check one out,don't take my word for it see and hear for your self....if it was as good as it is said to be,i would have it...

thanks for checking in,if you like it be sure to write your own guide or review and dont worry about the winers out there they are always out there.....

becareful here you might be disappointed

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