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Craigslist CPAP = Dirty Used Machines

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Reasons Not to Purchase a Used CPAP From Craigslist

A CPAP Machine is a device that delivers a positive flow of air during inhalation and exhalation, to displace soft tissue in a individual with Sleep Apnea. It is the only treatment/therapy modality that is 100% effective in the treatment of this disorder.

The importance of CLEAN

It is vital that these machines are thoroughly cleaned and tested, before being placed for sale in the secondary market.

In the hospital setting, when a mechanical ventilator is removed from one patient, to be placed on another, several things MUST take place before that device is ready for use on another patient. These steps are taken to protect the new patient being placed on the ventilator, against increased risk of infection.

A CPAP Machine/System is no different.

At www.secondwindcpap.com we provide quality, cleaned and thoroughly tested used CPAP and Used BIPAP machines. When you purchase a used cpap machine from Craigslist, the machine has not undergone and formal cleaning or testing. The seller simply wipes the machine down, and posts it for sale. Not only does www.secondwindcpap.com clean and test the equipment we sell, we also provide new filters for the intake port as well as a bacteria/viral filter for the expiatory port of the machine. This insures that the air coming out of the machine, and delivered to your lungs is actually CLEANER than the air you would breathe without the machine on.

If you are interested in an alternative to purchasing a CPAP machine through Craigslist, please take a moment to look at our selection. We have a Nationally Registered Respiratory Therapist on staff to answer any questions you may have.

Mark Seager, Owner
Respiratory Therapist
Toll Free: 855-263-2727

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