Costume Jewelry maker marks

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When buying costume jewelry on ebay alot of sellers don't seem to know the makers mark. There is a guide to makers marks easily found on the web. The site is This site offers many many makers marks in alphabetical order, and shows pictures in most cases. I recently came accross a seller who did not do the research on a gold filled bracelet. She simply said it has a B inside a star. Little did the seller know this is a Ballou bracelet, and the mark is from 1967 - 1989. She may have gotten more interest in the piece if this were known by her. So for all buyers, and sellers alike out pays to know what the mark you are looking at stands for. I myself do not sell alot of costume jewelry, but when I do I try my hardest to find out who the maker is. Who knows it may be a piece of rare value. Please check the makers mark when buying, or selling. What may be called vintage may not be. Oh on one more note, I also know a person who says any year can be considered vintage, so buyer beware!! Vintage could mean just about anything to some. Thank you for reading my guide, I hope it is helpul in some way.

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