Correctly Identify Tienshan Bears And Boost You Sales!!

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Correctly Identify Tienshan Bears And Boost You Sales!!
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Too frequently sellers just grab at the closest looking/sounding description when offering one of four retired Tienshan teddy bear theme designs/patterns on dishes, flatware, glasses and related kitchen items. When you do this, and you are wrong in your identification, you're missing out on reaching that buyer who's looking for a specific item (or more) to add to, or start, a collection of a given design/pattern.

Country Bear = teddy pictured with legs pointing to your right as you view the design.   The most common (popular??) pattern. 

Theodore (sometimes Theodore Bear) = teddy pictured facing you with legs apart.  Hard to find on some pieces.

Country Bear Christmas = basic Country Bear pose but with teddy in a red Christmas outfit including Santa hat, green present between legs.

Theodore Christmas (sometimes Theodore Bear Christmas) = basic Theodore pose but teddy is dressed in red cap and sweater decorated with reindeers and evergreens, has a drum between his legs and is holding his drumsticks.

This is not to say that many owners of one or more pieces with these designs/patterns don't mix them together with happy abandon.  But, if you've got a 'collector' mentality buyer eager to find a Tienshan Theodore gravy boat at any cost, why not lead him right to your item instead of hiding it as a Country Bear piece.

Check what offered right now under these design/pattern names.  You'll see why this guide got written.  For sure there is no such design/pattern as the frequently incorrectly used Theodore Country Bear!!!



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