Correct way to measure the RISE in PANTS & JEANS

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Correct way to measure the RISE in PANTS & JEANS
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This is for the sellers & buyers of  jeans, pants, capris, shorts of all kinds & sizes. I ran into this problem after receiving a pair of shorts with a much higher rise than stated in auction listing. 

I went on searching for another pair of shorts. This time, even though the seller stated the RISE  was 8" inches, I still questioned her. I explained to her that not everyone  measures their RISE in jeans the same way. I asked her how SHE measured them. She stated; She measures the RISE from the TOP of the Crotch to the BOTTOM of waistband.

That to me is not a true RISE measurement .


I measure from BOTTOM (Middle) of CROTCH SEAM to TOP of WAISTBAND.

This applies to FRONT of Jeans.

If a SELLER Choses to Describes RISE Measurements for Both front & back ..They should definitely state that in their description....I personally do not describe both, just the Front Rise....unless asked.

I asked around and was told, that this is the correct way you're suppose to measure the RISE. 


So from now on,  to save you any problems. ASK the seller HOW they measure the RISE on their pants, shorts & Jeans!!!

For some they may say "They sit just below the waist"

Well, My waist or their waist?

 Always ask questions!!!!

Everyone is built different. Short waisted & Long Waisted.  The rise on a pair of pants makes a VERY BIG Difference!!!

SO always ASK Questions!! :)

Thanks for all questions to me about this guide. If you have a questions about any of my guides, feel free to contact me.

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