Corelle Coordinates Juice, Rocks etc. Glasses, Tumblers

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Corelle Coordinates Juice, Rocks etc. Glasses, Tumblers
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         Corelle Chutney                              Corelle Callaway                       Corelle Cherry Blossom                       Corelle Secret Garden

           Corelle Kobe                                   Corelle Pink Trio                            Corelle Country Cottage                        Corelle Shadow Iris       
                                                                                                                                                                                 (also comes in 14-oz & 8-oz)

Corelle Bamboo Leaf 19-oz Drinking Glass
(also available in 14-oz)

Corelle Coordinates   Acrylic Glassware Juice, Rocks and Iced Tea / Cooler / drinking tumblers or "glasses" are currently available on eBay in Callaway (also popularly referred to as Calloway or Green Ivy as the pattern was inspired by English Ivy), Secret gardenShadow IrisCherry BlossomPink TrioKobeBamboo Leaf (- only two sizes),  Country Cottage and  Chutney , these items are not bound to last long.  The tumblers are made from durable acrylic, are lightweight, excellent for indoor and outdoor use, and are dishwasher safe. 

Also produced in the Calypso Basics Too Line is " Delicate Berries " in the same sizes.

8 ounce    - Approximately 2.75"D x 4"H
14 ounce  - Approximately 3.25"D x 4"H
19 ounce  - Approximately 3"D x 6"H

ALL are available in our ebay store


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