Copies, Reproductions, and Replicas in Versace.

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Copies, Reproductions, and Replicas in Versace.
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 We live in this incredible era of Globalization, Digitalization, Instant Access to The Transportation of Images and Information, Programed lazers that Copy a Logo to  perfect detail, an Image with such Accuracy, a  Machinery designed to try to Reproduce, Replicate with a Pretty Decent level of Perfection... Imagine all this Technology used to to Copy Fashion accesories, blue, jeans, bags, purses, wallets, belts, and accesories from brand name and famous fashion and jewelry designers

  Now let go to Versace, Versace Medusas 18k Gold jewelry. everybody  who sell something with a medusa they called it Versace, real versace medusas are expensive, pricey. They are expensive because they are signed Gianni Versace, stamped 750

( 18K gold in european ) with hidden details and most of all numbered 999 copies of each, 999 to 1. This jewelry is  not made of sterling silver, 14k gold or stainless steel, those are medusas inspired to remind you, to inspire you to make you think of the brand name versace, but those medusas are not from the designer house gianni versace. Versace , because donatella his sister droped the name gianni and the medusas faces come from mythology so it cannot be copyright.

 versace was an extravagant designer and his workmanship was not near anything considered inexpensive,  Everything related to versace jewelry is signed, stamped, numbered. THis two first pictures are an example of medusa inspired jewelry not real gianni versace fashion house jewelry.

Now i want to present you few pictures of the real thing, remember  this designers articles are real expensive because the materials used are the best of the best from the best of the best , done by what is called master artisans in their area of expertise. leather, couture, gold, shoe making etc.

 look at the workmanship, master artisans.  Real artist designer example to take you to heaven and back in terms of perfect beauty done by hands and metals provided by mother earth.

Hope you are learning. in e bay always ask question before bidding, does the article is numbered? Can you include more pictures, left , right , front back, yes i am asking because I am spending big money here  Certificate of authenticity means nothing, workmanship, quality who screams a mile away is what I am trying to educate you...

now look at this versace jeans , look at the tacky untastefull distress effect, screaming at your face, I came from a flea marquet that the vendor sell fakes from canal st, in chinatown new york city ( NO offense no any race here) Thanks. This embroidery effect can be so easy to do, just take the image on a disk with a good picture of your versace medusa, Dior label, Chanel label, Puma label, Addidas label, etc,  to your local computerized embroidery store, the computer would do the rest with the image.Resizing, color, shape. alignment all that for $20.00 - $40.00 in the legs of your favorite jeans or the back of your favority jean jacket, all   digital and pretty accurate. You want a gigantic chanel or nike logo in your jean jacket? no problem dude. check yellow pages, embroidery by computer.

 Going back to jewelry, look at this, and I ask you, based on what i told you that designer  accesories are made by masters artisans using the best of the best from the best materials, workmanship and art. is this two next images  real? fake? copied? inspired? you tell me? or is the real thing?

 this two were inspired by the medusa, they are not real, again they are inspired by versace medusas. remenber the clue; master artisan,art, design perfection. ther next ones are real , look, by just reflecting the light they scream , I am very desirable, even backwards.





 Dis you saw the back of real gianni versace jewelry? the name is there, letters and numbers not a easy task to replicate, not at all. Good jewelry looks good from the front and from the back looks even better.  I stay away from sellers who do not answer my questions about designers  within 24 hours of my e mail. I  have cancelled a bid because no direct or straight response - answer. Also nobody have access the designer high end warehouse or a store who closed and have left designer high end inventory, High end beautifull designer merchadise is the first thing to go and sell and out the door once the store announce I am out of business. If things were like that people would sell Dior, Versace, Gaultier, Gucci, Cartiers and Bulgaris from home, no kidding,  in the workplace or from the trunk of their cars. those are fakes, reproductions, replicas and the materials used tells you I do not cost more than a few dollars not in the hundred.

 I have seen real people with real money issues selling their expensive closet or jewelry box here in e bay. those  usually tell you this is from my personal collection and  are in  buy it now terms. they are nice and very responsive to e mails, and have no problems sending you pictures of every angle of what they are trying to sell you. the did have the money once and paid good money and now  They need the money they once got. I got my gianni versace pre dead medusa head pendant here in e bay, that little 18k pendant was $ 1,600- $ 1,800 in 1997 the most inexpensive piece in that collection called precious jewels, madonna, prince, elton john were the models plus claudia and the daughter of elvis and few other top models. I was lucky enough to buy it now for $700. piece # 10 of 999 maded.  It is a good idea to always keep and eye in e bay for this collection. It is extremely helpfull that if you are looking for this or that specific designer, expensive article, you  have seen it in person before hand,in the store, in the boutique,in the retailer etc. So you know exactly everything of how is looks, feels , dimentions, texture, weight, fit, etc..Then you look for it in e bay, If not ask, ask, ask, and ask, I dislike very much sellers who include the picture from the catalog in the page, that is a big NO -NO, if you ask for actual pictures and they give you excuses, Do not bid,  remember versace jewelry the real gianni versace jewelry is stamped with the name gianni versace, it is stamped 750 (18k) and it has a edition number from  999 to 1. the year gianni versace 18k gold jewelry came out 1997 that same year versace was killed so some how this collection stopped being produced and were you find it? here in e bay of course.

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