Cookware Materials: Porcelain on Steel

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One historic and decorative material for cookware is Porcelain on Steel.

Knowing what cookware to purchase means knowing cookware materials make up pots and pans.  In this part, we will look at Porcelain on Steel.

Porcelain enamel is essentially a highly durable glass which, with coloring oxides and other inorganic materials, is fused to metal at extremely high temperatures.  It first found its way into the kitchen as a decorative finish for wood-burning ranges and cast iron utensils.  Later, when techniques were discovered for applying it to sheet steel, it became a standard coating for coffee pots, roasting pans and saucepans.

In the manufacture of cooking utensils, porcelain enamel is applied after the metal is formed into its final shape.  It can be applied to carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron.

It is one of the most versatile finishes, offering virtually an unlimited range of colors and design effects.  Today's colors include many shades of bright reds, vibrant greens, clear blues, sunny yellows and warm oranges, as well as earth tones.  Plaids, stripes, decorator designs and even provincial prints can be found.  There also decorative porcelain decals, mechanically applied that have the same scratch and stain resistant qualities of the regular porcelain coating.

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