Considerations of purchasing sailing vessel.

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Considerations of purchasing sailing vessel.
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So you have a burning desire for your sailing adventure and now at last you've scraped together the hard earned money to purchase your dream .Congratulations! I truly mean that, I smile knowing the time ,energy and commitment to get this far,to be able and prepared to gain her ,to raise your arms in victory and shout YES!  This guide is to help you steer the course and give you insight into what you will encounter while searching for her and how to navigate past the rocks of defeating choices to the girl who will nurture you with rich and wonderful memories.I saw a vessel,(a sailing vessel) whose name is Know Patience . This is the most important of all commitments and decisions you need in making  the purchasing  process, patience .It took me a year to find my girl on ebay and yes there were a few rocks along the way which would have been disasterious had I ran afoul with them. When I finally did find her I stepped aboard and looked into her salon and smiled and my eyes brightened and I said yes ,yes, she is my baby I love her fantastic. I've found my dream I can now begin preperations to her for my life long dream to journey and seek my quiet places to be. Well in saying that I did so for another encouragement to guide you to a successful purchase  and that is you must love her when you see her in order to be able to endure the test of the work which will soon follow.To love her is the most important of all.Now this guide is not written for the dealers,not written for the speculators who want to buy low and resale for profit not that there is anything wrong with those motives this is for the man or woman and or man and woman who seek the vessel for the adventure whether it be day sailing,cruising,circumnavigating,or an ocean crossing or racing.for me it has allways been about the adventures of Tom Sawyer and hucklebery finn and Robinson Coruso and Joshua Slocum and the the book The dove to name a few of the people who have influenced my choices in life zats ok for me if day sailling is your choice zats ok for you too.Now the rocks oh be so very careful my dear dear sailor friend how tight knit our comraderie is on the water how often we rescue each other and not once is there a hero's welcome but the rescued are ingraved with a deep heart felt memory as I am and oh so thankful to all for their kindnesses .This is all true, I say this from years of experience and how I would love to guide the novice as a ghost aboard your movements each step of the way through these potentially frothy and stormy seas with sand bars and rocks everywhere,So here I say stay the course keep your eyes open make sure she fits your needs and purposes look at the volume of components aboard consider the design the materials of construcion the /bilge oh inspect the bilge First! look over the engine and READ the description close very close make a comittment to inpect her and if you cannot inspect her prior to purchase get a commitment from the seller to state his/her offer is a complete disclosure of the condition of the vessel and then if when you win inspect her prior to completing the deal o make sure all ion the up an up.Even though I love my vessel and I ahve had her for about a year now when I went to pay and claim her I found several discrepancies in the vessel and the description. The only reason I did not hold them accountable for their fraud and it was fraud was simply 1 she is my love and 2 I was able to remedy the problems quite easily as I am skilled in these mechanical areas. So my friends I suppose to sum up the two or three points to remember from this guide are with you to choose to use as your guides to keep you safe and to find that gorgeous lady of your desire the canvas she is the wind she harnesses and the distances are her promise fair winds fair seas see you on the ocean or in a port somewhere someday for some reason or another.Bye for now.Oh and welcome to the salt! 

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