Confused with USB 1.1 2.0 Full speed and high speed?

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USB 1.1 allowed a maximum transfer rate of 12Mbits/second. It is now obsolete, but both of its speeds (1.5Mbps & 12Mbps) are being adopted into USB 2.0, and they are now called Original USB officially. Though some manufacturers label their products Full-Speed USB. Note that this seems a bit deceptive as it's easy to mistake Full-Speed for Hi-Speed. You won't be fooled from now on as you now aware that Full Speed USB is only 12Mbits/second where Hi-Speed USB mode is capable of a much faster 480Mbits/second.

So if some item marked as 'Full-Speed USB', it's means it's USB 1.1 w/ 12Mb speed. If the seller just answer, 'yes, it's real USB 2.0...', it's nothing. He/She need promise that: It's high speed USB 2.0 w/480Mbits speed.

I have a E&E degree, but sometime still get confused with today's specification label. For example, sometime I'll be messed with 'full speed' and 'fool speed'. Be a man with TCT(Tolerance, Compassion and Truth)
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