Complete Guide to Tactical Flashlights

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Complete Guide to Tactical Flashlights

Tactical flashlights offer a range of personal protection and outdoor uses. Several types of tactical flashlights exist, including handheld options and flashlights that attach directly to a gun or rifle. Tactical flashlights make it much easier to use a gun in low-light situations, such as dusk, night, and early morning. Used widely by military and police forces, tactical flashlights provide an extra measure of personal security to civilians as well, helping them protect themselves against crimes committed when darkness impedes visibility.

The Tactical Flashlight Advantage

Unlike the typical flashlights that reside in bedside drawers or in the glove compartments of vehicles, tactical flashlights provide a step up not only in illuminating power, but also as a means of personal protection. Tactical flashlights are composed of much stronger materials. Sturdy composites, combined with heavier gauge aluminum or steel, make these flashlights nearly indestructible. A good-quality tactical flashlight meets the following criteria:

  • Resistance to impact and stress
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof and submersible
  • Improved beam intensity and range

Most tactical flashlights depend upon the increased lumens available from LED bulbs. Not only do LED bulbs provide a much higher level of illumination than incandescent bulbs, they also prolong battery life. The minimum number of lumens required for use is 120, and someLED flashlights provide as many as 1200 lumens.

Use of a Tactical Flashlight for Self-Defense

Tactical flashlights permit the user to aim a gun and illuminate the target at the same time. Depending on the design, tactical flashlights can be mounted on a gun, used in conjunction with a pistol, or carried alone for self-defense device. The intense light a tactical flashlight provides is valuable in startling and disorienting an attacker.

Hunting with a Tactical Flashlight

Nighttime hunting of predatory animals is much easier with the use of a tactical flashlight mounted on a rifle or shotgun. The ability to aim accurately results in cleaner, quicker kills. Some hunters use tactical flashlights to immobilize the prey, while others prefer to use colored LEDs or filters to provide red, blue, or green light. The advantage of colored filters is that they do not impede night vision and allow the hunter to approach the animal more closely before being detected (most predators are unable to see red light at all).

Choosing the Correct Tactical Flashlight

Those who use rifles or shotguns for home defense have a choice of tactical flashlight mount designs that leave the hands free to engage the gun. The higher probability of criminal activity occurring at night makes tactical flashlights practical as well as convenient, and the startle effect from the light provides an extra level of protection. Just as there are several reasons for using a tactical flashlight, there are a number of options available to users.

Tactical Flashlights and Accessories

Application and Use

Handheld tactical flashlight

Use without gun for personal defense

Small and light enough to carry easily

Use with handgun for accuracy in low-light situations

Top-mounted flashlight

Attaches to top of rifle or shotgun

Provides good targeting

Bottom-mounted tactical flashlight

Attaches beneath firearm

Leaves sighting line clear

Laser sighting

Improves accuracy of aim

Available in red or green

Side-mounted flashlight

Available for both right- and left-handed users

Colored filters or LEDs

Excellent for night hunting of predators

Preserves night vision

Illuminates maps during night hunts


Produces loud noise to draw attention or drive off an attacker

Battery charger

Recharges batteries

Saves money

Remote pressure switch

Allows engagement of flashlight when away from body

Makes it easier to conceal user's actual position

The types of tactical flashlights and the accessories available make these devices perfect for a number of situations, including self-defense, hunting, or police and military work. The flashlight's purpose determines which type of light is best.

How to Buy Tactical Flashlights on eBay

If you are in the market for a tactical flashlight, eBay is a great source, with a wide selection in every price range, available any time of day or night. In addition to flashlights, eBay sellers also offer a large inventory of accessories, such as mounts, sirens, color filters, and battery chargers, all of which increase a flashlight's versatility. Simply enter a description of what you are looking for in the search bar found at the top of every page, and review the item details to find the flashlight or accessory that best suits your needs.

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