Comparison of a fake v authentic COACH bag PART 2

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Comparison of a fake v authentic COACH bag PART 2
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(Continued from~ Comparison of a fake v authentic COACH bag PART 1)

Another way to tell a fake COACH is by the turn lock closure. Look at the sloppy irregular oval shape and irregular stitching of the fake one and compare to the more rounded and even stitching on the authentic bag.

Fake                                          Authentic  

Now take a look inside the under flap pocket. The reverse side of the turn lock should be visible. The reason that it is exposed in the authentic bag is so that the hardware can be changed in case it breaks or becomes too tarnished. Coach provides replacement hardware for their bags. You can go to the COACH store or call COACH and ask for one to be mailed to you but you must provide the entire serial number from your bag.

                         Fake                                             Authentic      

You can always tell a fake COACH by the imperfections in the detailing. The devil is always in the details! Coach uses quality craftsmanship, which definitely shows up in the details. Look at the differences in the stitching and the finishing below:


Now take a look at this side-by-side comparison of quality differences. I am sure you can tell which is the authentic bag above. If you guessed the one on the right you are correct! The fake one on the left has stitching that joins the edge in a very sloppy fashion.

Now look at the authentic bag on the right and notice the difference? Also on the fake one you can see the wood dowel insert which is only painted and not covered by leather. On the other hand, the authentic bag (true to COACH quality standards) is wrapped in leather.

Irregularities in the stitching is another sure sign of a fake Coach as shown below:

Irregular stitching is a sign of a fake bag!   

Even in the most vintage COACH you will be hard pressed to find loose or uneven stitching like the picture above. I have seen very vintage COACH bags with tears in the leather from wear but the stitching has always remained tight!                             

Below you can see the sloppy proportions and irregularity of the leather trim edges in the fake bag in the pictures below.  Here you can also tell the fake one by the wrinkling in the leather trim on the left in the picture below:


One final thing I tried was to clean the hardware. Coach uses solid brass hardware on these bags. If it is gold tone it should be brass. Using a brass cleaner I tried to wipe off the tarnish from the lobster clasp and it did not even react with the metal, proving that it is NOT brass!!

Finally, here are the pictures of an authentic COACH WILLIS and next to it a picture of a fake COACH WILLIS:

                                                                      Authentic                                                          Fake
Hard to tell from these pics, right?   I think you get the picture...

I hope this guide helps you to distinguish between a fake and authentic COACH WILLIS bag. Asking questions is usually a good start, but don’t always expect that will guarantee that you will get an authentic bag. The best way is with pictures. Let the pictures tell the story. Pictures are truly worth a thousand words, especially on eBay! That is why I always provided lots of pictures, and close ups in my auctions. Email your seller and ask for more pictures.

Good luck and safe bidding!!

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