Comcast Boxes

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Comcast Boxes
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The purpose of this guide is to better inform ebayers about buying Comcast Boxes off ebay. When I say boxes I'm refferring to the HDTV/DVR/Dual Tuner Boxes (Grey Ones) that record your shows for you and stop play and pause live tv and the digital cable converter boxes (Black in Color)

Im aware that there is an ebayer that sells a guide that will inform people on how to buy boxes and what boxes not to buy I just want to add my own 2 cents. Starting off it is illegal to sell Comcast boxes on ebay they are not for resell because they are obviously rented out if they are branded with comcast unless someone decided to buy it or got through the back door.

Before you buy a comcast box on ebay you need to make sure that this service is avaible in your area many people for some odd reason buy boxes on ebay when comcast isn't in their area. Another mistake people make is buying the box without calling it into Comcast the box needs to be "hit" which is the G.I. or Serial number on the back of the box for it to work like its supposed to.


The main thing is to call Comcast first to see if a box is able to be used in your area with your cable plan that you currently have.


Thank you and I hope you found this guide helpful

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