Collecting Soda Pop Bottle Caps

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Normally a person wouldn't expect a simple bottle cap to be of any value, but they are, at least some of them.  The new caps right off the bottle are twist off type and may have value in years to come but what is already a hot collectible are the cork lined caps that were made for 70 years before the plastic lined caps replaced the higher priced cork.

The last of the cork lined caps were used around 1969, but there were plastic lined caps being used before that, like NFL, NHL, MLB and even NASCAR  having a picture inside the cap of a certain athelete.

Today, some may think bottle caps are the NEW MONEY of the World as prices soar into dollars each, and some rare ones bringing in hundreds each, here are some general price ranges for the more common cork lined caps that haven't been crimped onto a bottle.

Coca~Cola - $2 with pre-1960 up to $5

Pepsi Cola - $2 with 1950's $3 and double dots from the 40's at $5 and even earlier up to $30 for Green. Blue and Orange Pepsi Cola caps have brought over $150 right here on eBay.

RC or Royal Crown - $2 with 1940's bringing $4

Seven Up - $2 with early ones going for $5

Nehi Products - $2 with very early 1928 leg caps going for as much as $20 and more for Excellent caps, through the 40's they are $5

For rare caps, the price can soar above and beyond the price for the antique bottle.

Big Nickle in excellent condition may go for $80 to $100

Big Chief are from $4 to $20 depending on age and condition.

Cheerwine are $6 each unused and $4 used.

Used caps have great value as well if they haven't bent too much, with the store opener that didn't leave much of a dent, the price for used caps are more than half the value of a unused cap.


 I know of no really good price guide for soda bottle caps, but as a collector and a person that has sold a lot of them, I think I can give a very good estimate on a caps value.

When you collect bottle caps, keep them stored air tight so as not to rust and when you make displays, I suggest 1 1/8 gem jar trays that have 36 jars in them, caps fit perfect in these and display very well, you can find these right here on eBay along with most of the more common caps from the 60's.  Older caps are on these pages as well but bring more and are for collectors that already have the basic caps.

The rewards of soda pop cap collecting is less stress, a chance to forget problems and enjoy a blast from the past, and, if you are like me, you will enjoy finding caps of flavors you have actually tried and liked.

Schools will welcome you show and tell displays as will town celebrations and social events, you will be the hit of the party when you bring out caps from the early 20th century and tell them great grandfather drank this.

Used caps can be straightned, but sell as well if they aren't bent bad, just a dimple is fine for most collectors. Reflaring the sides is ok but not necessary, just makes a better display.

There are more than 2000 different soda pop caps, the exact number may never be known since the city of bottling is sometimes very important for rare caps.

For the new collector, buy enough for a couple of displays and show them off, you will see just how interesting people find these little pieces of nostalgia.

Be careful, people will try to sell rusted, crimped, and mangled caps, and right now they are scouring around for any they can get because like I said, bottle caps are the new money.

As Gold and Silver soar beyond the price reach of many people, other things like collectables are also gaining in value, for instance, I could buy 100 1950's Pepsi Cola caps for $18 two years ago, now they are $60 for the same 100 with singles always bringing at least $1 and sometimes more, same for Coke.

Coke caps with the Bottling Co. on the cap face are often very old while the ones that simply say Coke being from the 60's.

Generic caps like Orange, Grape or Root Beer etc. without a company name are among the most afforable but old caps can be worth several dollars, and little known drinks that didn't stay around long can be the most valuable, like Howdy Doody, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Knots Berry Farm, Suburban Club, Yatch Club, Brooklawn Club and even some old bottled water like Hot-Tom.

Stay informed when jumping on an auction, often times the same caps can be found on a buy it now listing for less, also, look for caps you've never heard of, most likely others haven't either and that will help the value when either trading or selling.  

Happy Collecting!!!



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