Collectable vinyl record price & winning guide

Collectable vinyl record price & winning guide
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Collectable vinyl record price guide

This guide will be useful in determining the value of a record this in order to be able win an record auction.

EBAY - Ebay is an excellent source for determining the current value of a record. Use Ebay's search to find the album. Things to keep in mind are:

Spelling is important, ensure spelling of the band's and album name are correct

Active Ebay auctions may give you an indication of a records value, however the completed auction listings will you a better idea.

Many offerings for a particular album means that an album is easily available.

Check out the albums which have a bid on them and determine why these albums have bids on them (price, condition, origins)

Perform a search on Ebay's completed listings, study how many of listings with this particular albums have been available, how many of these listings resulted in a sale and what was the selling price,
3. Learn from others - investigate some of the finished auctions, look at the bid history. What was the amount bid by the 2nd and 3rd places, why didn't they win? - what is the value of your vinyl record
The popsike site maintains an archive of succesful Ebay record auctions. Use the popsike search to find you record. After the search has been completed, sort the entries by date and look at the most current entries first
Gemm is a website where vinyl records are up for sale. Similar as with Ebay and popsike, use Gemm's search to find the record's value.



Using any combination of three sources of information you will be able to determine the current value of a record, in order to win the auction add 10-20% and add 2-3 dollars to the bid. For example: the value of a record is estimated at 25$, add 20% 5$ will give a bid value of 30$ . Upping this value to for example 31.97$ will give you a higher chance of winning.

Bidding tactics
Now that you have determined the value of the record, I will explain some bidding tactics:
1) Early bidding - use an early bid on item listings which have a 'Buy It Now' option. An early bid will remove the buy it now option.
2) Early bidding - when you bid you will receive an email from outlook with the confirmation. You can easily add this email to the list of your outlook reminders or add it to your agenda.
3) Late bidding - sometimes auctions finish at inconvenients like in the middle of the night, In these cases use a sniper tool like to win an auction.


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