CliniTrim-5 Diet Pill Reviews - Does CliniTrim Work?

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CliniTrim-5 Diet Pill Reviews - Does CliniTrim Work?
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CliniTrim 5
Does CliniTrim Really Work?

This CliniTrim 5 review is broken down into 3 parts
1. My review
2. My personal Results
3. Feedback I've collected that other eBayers left about their experience.

1. My Review:
Their is probably about a thousand or so diet pills for sale. Most all of them are scams. They all contain bogus ingredients that are not CLINICALLY PROVEN.
Their is no way that you can be GUARANTEED results with any diet pill unless it contains Clinically Proven ingredients.

This is why I was so excited when I stumbled upon ClintTrim 5.

I'm sort of obsessed with health, fitness, nutrition, exercise, etc. I know lots of companies sell products that have no scientific validation. And we (the consumers) end up losing money. CliniTrim5 is the only diet pill I have ever seen that ACTUALLY contains clinically proven compounds. Why don't more companies use them? Because they are very expensive. Most companies care about making a quick buck. CliniTrim wants users for life. They may not make much money at first. But they will in the long run when we keep buying because it works so good and we start referring our friends.

The 5 Clinically proven compounds are very safe, work fast, and the COMBINED AVERAGE MONTHLY WEIGHT LOSS is 24.15 POUNDS!

2. My Results:
I have been on CliniTrim for 6 weeks. I did not lose 24.15 pounds my first month. Not even close. I have only 20 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight. So if I did lose 24.15 I would be too skinny. I ended up losing 4 pounds my first week. 8 pounds my first month. And so far 11 pounds in 6 weeks...

I've in total lost over 50% of my bodyfat in only 6 WEEKS! Thats pretty amazing. I've tried just about every other diet pill on the market like Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, RapidSlim, NV, Alli, etc. CLINITRIM is the BEST!

3. eBay Feedback (these feedback are from various sellers. I only included feedback that left info about results. Not just shipping time and service. I found no negative feedbacks and 2 neutrals.

I give clinitrim an A++. Lost a total of 8 inches. Will buy again.
Lost 21 pounds w/ 2bottles of CliniTrim, Southbeach diet + exercise!!!
Lost 6 lbs w/ bottle #1 and 13 lbs with #2. Its working 4 me!!!
Lightning Fast SHip... Faster resutls: -7 pounds in 6 days WOW!
Lost almost 40 pounds in 2 months. 37 more to go! Best Price ever
I love this! it acually works with out exercise
Very fast service. My husband and I love this product. Together 24 lbs gone.
Lost 6 pounds in three days, wedding dress zipped with ease, thank you so much!
Once again great seller. 3rd reorder. Total of 31 pounds lost.
2nd purchase. down 17 POUNDS so far with clini trim five. it really works!!
great ebayer. fast shippin and great price but evn bettr it workd. I lost 15lbs
Definitely works! First time in many years to find good appetite suppressant!
Great and fast. Repeat customer. Best energy pill and fat loss pill.
Dont have a scale but boyfriend said i look 15-20 lbs slimmer. THANSK!
love clinitrim. gr8 energy & motivation. down 9 lbs in 2.5 weeks.
I need a new wardrobe now. Have lost 4 inches off my waist. Clinitrim rocks!

5 days and no weight loss yet. but feel energized. we'll see
Slow shipping. Haven't lsot 24.15lbs as promised. Only 7 lbs w/ a whole bottle.


Most everyone loves CliniTrim including me. It really works. You can buy it on  EBAY for really cheap.
Here are some quick tips that may boost your results:
Drink LOTS of water.
Eat LOTS of veggies.
Eat some lean proteins
Don't eat too late at night.
Don't miss your dosages.

P.S. Don't expect to lose 24.15 lbs per month. Expect to lose about 25% of your bodyfat per month. So if you have 100 LBS to lose you will lose about 25 LBS per month. If you have 20 LBS to lose you will lose about 5 per month. It takes about 4-5 bottles of CliniTrim for you do have YOUR Perfect body.

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