Cleaning Silver Jewelry

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This guide is to assist you when you need to clean your jewelry.

It is silver so it should be cleaned the same way you clean silver flatware.  You can use toothpaste and rub it with a dish towel till it's shiny.

You can use MILD silver polish follow their instructions.

Use a terry cloth towel dry and just rub it till it's the shine you want. 

They can scratch just like any other metal jewelry.

We recommend using a non-abrasive foaming paste cleaner, or Hagerty's Spray Polish. Avoid all-purpose metal cleaners, and dip cleaners.

Like most precious metals, silver will scratch and chafe as it is used. This is normal, and adds to the silver's character. The scratches will eventually give silver its patina, the soft, rich glow that is prized in old silver.

Polishes can vary widely in terms of abrasiveness, and someday I'll have a review up here for you. For now, make sure that you use a true silver polish, and don't ever use a general metal polish. The one polish to avoid is called "silver dip", and it will strip off all tarnish including the tarnish that the factory put on there to make the design show better. I've known someone who put their Grande Baroque silverware in the silver dip, and it stripped off all of the tarnish in the grooves, making the pattern look absolutely terrible. Save the silver dip for the punch bowl you left out in the garage for a few years and look for a silver polish that claims to be mild.

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