Clarity Enhanced are NOT real diamonds!

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Clarity enhanced diamonds are not REAL and should not be confused with NATURAL diamonds.  They have been drilled with lazers and bleached with chemicals.  This is NOT a normal or natural process.   

The brilliance is noticablly different from a REAL diamond vs a clarity enhanced diamond. Serious buyers can tell the difference, mainly because all clarity enhanced diamonds refract an odd looking rainbow of colors that REAL diamonds do not.  Natural diamonds give an even dispersion of color and enhanced diamonds do not.     

A clearity enhanced diamond may initially look very good, but over time the filling will come loose and eventually fall out.  Furthermore drill holes will collect dirt and ultimately stain the diamond. 

Clarity enhanced diamonds can not be cleaned with an ultrosonic, can not be heated, and can not touch harsh I guess you should stop washing your hards?

GIA devalues clarity enhanced diamonds by giving them one color and clarity grade lower than they actually appear to be.  All clarity enhanced diamonds are disclosed upon purchase and need to be disclosed to anyone who does repairs. 

I  recommend buying a slightly smaller diamond of equal clarity, trust me you'll be much happier in the end.  They're worth considerably more than a clarity enhanced diamond. 

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