Christian Louboutin Shoe Sizing

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Christian Louboutin Shoe Sizing
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I have decided to add a guide regarding the sizing of Christian Louboutin high heels. I have never known a brand of shoe with such erratic sizing and I know it confuses us girls who can't live without those beautiful red soles. First, you will find a list of styles that I have researched, but do not necessarily own. Second, you will find a list of styles I do own with descriptions about the fit of the shoe. I will try to add to this Guide as I do more research. In addition, I have provided some information on other shoe designers that I own, such as Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Valentino.

Note: Sizing can also be a preference. Some women may like their shoes to feel tight and secure, whereas others may like the benefit of having wiggle room. In addition, please take into consideration the material of the shoe and the width of your foot. Suede styles tend to run big, Leather tend to run true to size and Patent Leather tend to run small. For instance, the Very Prive style should run true to size, but in suede it tends to run 1/2 size big. I have found that all my CLs tend to stretch with wear! Some styles run very narrow, which is why those with wide feet will need to size up more often.

The sizes recommended for the following styles are a result of tedious and lengthy research taken from websites, fashion forums and asking sales assistants (FOR MORE ON PIGALLE SIZING- See Bottom of Guide):

1/2 to 1 Full Size Down: Palace Zeppa, Helmut, Decoltissimo, Helmoon, BZelmut

1/2 Size Down: Gwenissima, (Pigalle 120mm??-recommended by CL Sales Assistant) 

True to Size: Miss Marple, YoYo slingbacks, Piaf, Lady Noeud, Cleosceptre, Moonbow, (Pigalle 120/100mm- as recommended by me!), Miss Cool, Minibout, Architek, Salopette 120mm

TTS to 1/2 Size Up: Very Prive, Numero Prive, Drapiday, Twistochat, Bretelle, Frescobaldi, Rosazissimo, Triclo, Rodita, Papilipi, Alta Perla, Catenita, Jo, Armadillo, Declic

1/2 Size Up: Prive, Josephine, Simple, Maria, Horatio, Horasling, Iowa, Iowa Zeppa, Steva, Mouchalina (Mouche), Clichy, Wallis, Bruges, Vanitarita,  Hi Tina, Rolande, Fox Trot, Sabotage, Collier Mont, Activa, Yoclou, Ernesta, Ernesta Plateau, Merry-Go-Round, Lady Strass, Yoze Kubrik, Miminette Wedges, Gabine, Lastic Bootie, Matador, Marpoil Zeppa, Ariella Talon Booties, Lady Gres, Net E Renet Corta, Un Voilier, Super T, Turbillon Rolf, Alicette, Bunny, Bling Bling, Som 1, Castillana, Jaws, Serinette, Para La Cruz, Salopina, Miss Boxe, C'est Moi, Trottinette, Miss Tick, Orniron, Very Croise, Gattaca, Francaise

1/2 to 1 Size Up: Decollete, Mademoiselle Marchand,  Dickensera, Drapanova,Voilier Zeppa Wedges, YoYo Zeppas- (depending on type), Espadrille Styles, Fiorellino, Glamissima, Parciparla, Materna, Miss Fred, Mad Mary, Lapano, Sometimes

1 to 1.5 Size up: Maternik Orlato, Hung Up, Madeleine, Lola, Fontanete

Styles I own are listed below (I am a true American size 6.5, my foot measures 9 1/8" and is average width):

Josephine, Black and Gold, Crepe & Leather, 37: I love these shoes and they fit me perfectly. So, this style runs 1/2 size small. This style is also narrow. I didn't think my foot was going to go in at first, but once it was on, it fit like a glove. I have worn these out all night without a problem; so comfortable!

photo from

Gwenissima, Gray Flannel, 36.5: Should have sized down to a 36. I have added padding to shoe for a perfect fit. I feel that these also have stretched with wear. They weren't that big at first, but without padding my heel now slips out completely! Size down at least 1/2 normal size for this style!

 Photo from Ebay seller Manolochloe

Numero Prive Slingback, Black Calf Skin Leather, 36:  Could use a 36.5, but because it is open toe and has a slingback the 36s fit. I believe these run True to Size. I have not worn these yet, but I am guessing the leather will stretch quite a bit. (**Decided to sell these on EBAY and was successful)

 Photo from Bluefly

Decollete 868, Black Patent, 37: I ordered these only half size larger. They were a little tight in the toe box, but have stretched with wear. Very narrow shoe, but gorgeous and go with everything!

 Photo from Ebay seller Hunnell

Decollete 868 Zeppa, Red Patent 37.5:  These fit perfectly at first, but have stretched with wear. They run really narrow and the patent is very stiff at first. I would say 1/2-1 full size up on this style for comfort!

 Photo from Ebay Seller Cowmoocatmeow

Rafia YoYo Slinbacks, 36: Could use a 36.5, but 36s fit. I would classify these as running true to size.

 Photo from Ebay seller Trenduet

Round Toe, Nude Metallic Leather, Ruched (not sure of style name; will have to check box) 37: First pair of Louboutin's I bought and I thought they all ran half size small. I believe I should have a 36.5 or even a 36 in these, they are really big on my foot (they have stretched a lot with wear).

 My personal photo

Formentera Espadrille Wedge, Taupe, 37: These fit very nicely; I wear mine without the ribbon ties. Its a great look! This was 1/2 size up for me, but 1/2 size up will not work for everyone since most espadrille styles only come in full sizes. If you are normally a size 6 (36) for example, I would suggest you go up to the 37 instead of getting the 36. I feel that getting your normal size in this style of shoe would be too tight for comfort.

naturalgasgirl photo

***PIGALLE SIZING: I was very confused on sizing for this style. I was advised to size up by some people and to size down by others. I asked for insole measurements for sizes 36-37 on Ebay, but the responses measured the same 9 3/4 for all three sizes. I didn't know who measured accurately. I finally took a chance and bought the Lova Pigalle (Black Patent) in a Size 36.5 and it fits perfectly. So, I will say these run true to size, but are narrow. Only if you have a very wide foot would I suggest sizing up on this style. I probably could even size down half a size, but will only do so if its the only pair left!

I have also now acquired the Pony Hair Leopard Pigalle (as worn by Gwen Stefani) and bought a size 36. This pair is very rare to find brand new, so I just bought them. This size fits me also, just a bit tighter in the toe box. So, I guess the sizing for this particular shoe depends on how your foot is structured. I will always still look for a 36.5, but if necessary I will buy a 36. 37s would definitely be too big.

       NaturalGasGirl photo

**The two pairs I own of the Pigalle are older styles...not sure if the newer pairs run smaller in size. I have read blogs where owners are saying that they were a smaller size in his shoes a few years back and that they now have to order larger sizes because his shoes have progressively been made smaller and narrower in his new lines. I will update this guide when I own a newer Pigalle.

Another tip about this style if you are afraid of the 5" heel height: I wear about 4" heels everyday, but was still nervous about how comfortable a 5" heel could be...I love them! I have worn these to work all day and have not had a problem. Now, this may not be true for someone who is not generally a high heel wearer, so please don't think you can go from 2" to 5" with ease!

As for other Designers:

Manolo Blahnik: Consistently run 1/2 size small. Size 37s fit me fine. I bet with some styles I could get away with 36.5.

Jimmy Choo: I am also consistently a Size 37 in Choos (1/2 size bigger).

Zac Posen, Valentino, Versace, Casadei and Burberry run True to Size for me (36.5)

Salvatore Ferragamo and Stuart Weitzman also tend to run true to size but are cut very narrow, so some women might want to size up 1/2 size for extra room (I still always order my true size, 36.5)



Thank you to all of you ebayers that have written to me with contributions to this guide! If any of you own styles that are not listed, please feel free to send me your sizing recommendations. This guide is invaluable to those of us who shop online.

I have now expanded this guide, please check out Christian Louboutin Shoe Sizing #2 for more pictures and styles as I update it!

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