Chloe Paddington Handbags Purses How to spot a Fake

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Well, I hate to tell you but 90 to 95 % of the Chloe Paddington handbags on ebay are Fakes, and people are buying them up like crazy. Just because a seller offers 100% Guarantee doesn't mean they are real, and usually that guarantee doesn't cover shipping back & fourth so you'll still be out $30 or more. Just because a seller has a receipt, doesn't mean it is real either, some sellers buy a real one & a fake & sell the fake with the real bags receipt to pay for their real one. I had to learn this the hard way, by loosing a lot of time and money lost on shipping cost. Here are a few things to look for when buying a Chloe Paddington bag.

First of all, If they say it is a Factory Second, It is a FAKE. There is no such thing as a Factory Second. If the ebay listing says Power Seller, Doesn't mean they know what fakes are, just means they sell a lot on ebay. Almost every auction for a Chloe Paddington that says buy from me I am a power seller, their bags are FAKES. Selling a lot on ebay has nothing to do with Authenticity.

Color of the metal, all of the rivets, key & lock should be the same color metal. On most of the Authentic bags it is a dark antique brushed brass color, The fake ones have a bright brushed brass color or a darker lock & shiny brass rivets.

The stitching on an Authentic bag is a thicker nylon stitch

The handles, they have an extra peice of leather around the top of the strap, the seam should be pointed outward on an authentic.

Ivory bags have the edges done in brown, NOT ivory. But, be careful some newer fakes have the brown trim. The Chloe tag, if it doesn't have the color on it or the correct name for that color it, is a fake, Oh, the little peices of leather they put on the Chloe tag- FAKE, If the 2 stickers are on the inside of the Chloe Tag- FAKE, Chloe puts one on the inside & the one with the color on the back of the circular Chloe tag.

Where the handles attach, they should be rounded, not squared off

The rivets by the handles, the seams should go through the center of these, not off to the side. The same with the little round peices of leather the rivets are attached to, they must be pretty much centered as well.

The lock, The stamp of Chloe on the top of the lock is small on an authentic, about 1/8". Also & this is a good one, lay the lock on the table, with Chloe stamp up, How does the key hole look? Is it right side up or upsidedown? If it is upside down, you bought a fake. Look at the last photo, see how the Chloe on the lock is right side up & the keyhole is upside down- FAKE

Make sure your Paddington has all of these items & you should be OK, There is a lot more to know & I wish I could write it all. If you stick to these guidelines you should be OK but better fakes are coming out all the time. If you are still in doubt compare the bag to one online at or net-a-porter. Still unsure, make sure the seller will pay the shipping cost if it is a fake & take to a store where real ones are sold & look at every little detail. Thes bags are a lot of money & a lot of people are loosing money buying fakes, protect yourself.

The pictures below are of a 100% Authentic Chloe Bag purchased at Nordstrom By Myself, keep note of the metal color, size of the Chloe on the front of the lock, how the key hole is right side up when the lock is & Stitching  (No it isn't for sale, it's mine :) **The last photo is not this bag, it is a fake.

Also, This bag is a Chloe Paddington Front Pocket satchel, a different style from the regular Paddington bag, On the handle where it attaches to the bag this one has rivets, a regular Paddington does not have these rivets.


FAKE ----><----FAKE




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