Chinese fake, knock-off Paul Smith shirts

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Chinese fake, knock-off Paul Smith shirts
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I enjoy wearing Paul Smith shirts, and love the stripes and colors that are common on Paul Smith shirts. I also sell Paul Smith shirts occasionally on eBay... I have been shocked by the level of knock off shirts that are making their way to eBay, and eBay's reluctance to do anything about it. Unless someone reports each individual shirt, on each individual auction, it stays, and due to the low price... it sells.
This is what to look for.... These pictures are not taken from the eBay website, but were downloaded straight from the Chinese wholesalers website... You may see some that look familiar; they are selling on eBay right now. The shirts are generally pictured as wrapped in plastic, with the prominent black cardboard tag on the front displayed in full view. What isn't shown is the tag on the shirt; where it was made, or anything like that. Many of these sellers are simply copying and pasting the stock photos directly from the Chinese website... many have the same table leg in the picture that the knock-off website has on their pictures... Generally these sellers will have a low feedback rating, as they tend to switch names when they are finally discovered by eBay, and start a new seller account. This is a prime example of a Chinese knock-off shirt. If you do a google search listing both Paul Smith and say, Gucci, you will come up with an astounding list of websites selling these and many other knock off shirts; all for around $20 each... The best way to avoid buying cheap knock-off shirts is to review the sellers feedback. You need to scroll down and read what people have to say, because buyers will occasionally leave positive feedback stating that the shirt was fake, but that they like it anyway, and the shipping was fast, or something like that... Look for high feedback ratings and pay attention to what that person is selling; if it is all shirts of one label, email and ask where they get their shirts. The mixed bag of feedbacks from many different labels is usually your best bet. There are many fine people on eBay who are selling great things at prices that you will not find anywhere else, but you need to do your research, and I have been on eBay long enough to know that rarely do I ever see something on eBay that, if there is something wrong with the seller, that I cannot find another identical item within a week or two...
Watch out for the guy selling this shirt, and others like it... Not Authentic! Notice the odd places that the size tags are in. Also, there are no tags showing where the item was made.

On a authentic Paul Smith shirt, the label showing where it was made will be displayed on the collar, such as in this shirt. I know this is authentic; unless Neiman Marcus started selling really good knock-offs.
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