Childrens Age / Shoe Size Guide

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Childrens Age / Shoe Size Guide
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Hello, I am Denise Ridlon, owner of the store, Boo Brite Children's Boutique!  I sell childrens clothing, shoes, and toys on eBay.  Now I don't know about you other sellers out there, but have you ever gotten a hold of a really cute pair of little shoes and wondered, "at what age would a child wear these"?  This happens to me all the time and I just could not find one great chart that had a corresponding age and shoe size.  The main reason for this is probably because shoe sizes related to age vary so much.  But, for my purposes that did not matter.  I just needed someone to throw me a number, an average one at best, so I could list my item.  Now I did find some charts out there, but most of them were from shoe manufacturers and the charts catered to their particular brand of shoe.

I wanted to do something different.

Over the past few months, I have been compiling data from various search engines.  I have been researching and keeping track of the data I found connecting age to shoe sizes.  After I got a handful of numbers, I created my own chart, and I assigned the most common size to a particular age group.

So, my chart is different because it will not be showing a range of shoe sizes, because I have made it specifically for the eBay seller.  There will be only ONE shoe size with each age.

I have used this guide in my own listings and am finally getting around to posting it, and let me assure you it has come in mighty handy for me, I hope it will do the same for you!

            AGE                        GIRLS                        BOYS 

          1                           little kids size 4              little kids size 5

          2                           little kids size 8              little kids size 5

          3                           little kids size 9              little kids size 10 1/2

          4                           little kids size 9              little kids size 10 1/2

          5                           little kids size 12            little kids size 11

          6                           little kids size 12 1/2      little kids size 12

          7                           little kids size 12 1/2      big kids size 2

          8                           big kids size                mens size 5

          9                           big kids size 4                mens size 6

         10                          womens size 6               mens size 6

         11                          womens size 7               mens size 8

         12                          womens size 7               mens size 8

         13                          womens size 7               mens size 8

         14                          womens size 7               mens size 9

Some little fun facts:

*Size isn't necessarily related to year.

*Feet typically stop growing at about age 15 in girls and 18 in boys.

*Girl's size 5 shoes are roughly equal to about a 6-6 1/2 in women's shoes.

*Girls shoe sizes stop and then they move over to womens sizes.  After about girls size 6, they start wearing womens sizes and this may or may not be around a womans size 6. 

*Boys shoe sizes do not transition into mens like girls do to womens.  Boys sizes just go straight on through.  Unlike girls, a boys size 6 shoe is the same as a mens size 6 shoe and vice versa~ this is not the case with girls.

NOTE!  I am not an expert on this, I am only relaying the data I have found by researching sizes all over the internet!

Thanks for visiting :) !!!

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