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Cheese Knives Buying Guide

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Cheese Knives

Cheese is one of those wonderful go-to foods to serve on just about any occasion. It's delicious, versatile, can be casual, formal, and anywhere in between, and it goes with everything. There are cheeses appropriate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, and yes, even dessert. Having the right cheese knife will enable you to easily make attractive, uniform slices and they come in many different styles and finishes and can make beautiful additions to your table. In general, the type of cheese knife you need will be determined by the kind of cheese you would like to serve, so a collection of a few different cheese knives is a smart investment.

Finding a Good Cheese Knife

If you want to start with just one versatile knife, a long, thin blade with curved spokes on the end is a common, all-purpose cheese knife. Use the spokes for picking up softer cheese or for crumbling harder cheeses into chunks. You can also start with a set of several knives so that you have a knife for each type of cheese you may want to serve. If you are new to serving cheese, don't let the choices overwhelm you. Cheese knives really aren't complicated and with just a little information and a good selection, you can find the perfect cheese knife or knife set.

Knives for Hard Cheese

You will need a tough blade to cut hard cheese. You may want a cheese slicer, which makes cutting thin, even slices a breeze. Draw the slicer across the cheese for a perfect slice. Sometimes, a slicer will have two small points or prongs on the end for picking up the cheese as well. You can also use a slicer for cutting other foods into uniform pieces, such as cucumber or other vegetables. A short and stubby Parmesan cheese knife may be just right for you or another type of knife for hard cheeses looks like a miniature cleaver. This knife, with its weight and sturdiness, cuts through aged cheeses easily.

Knives for Soft Cheese

You need a very sharp blade to cut soft cheeses; otherwise, your slices will not be as precise as they could be. A soft cheese knife usually has holes in the blade to prevent sticky cheese from, well, sticking. A cheese cutter, which cuts with a thin stainless steel or aluminum wire instead of a blade, can be easy to use and delivers great results. Sometimes these are handheld tools and sometimes they are attached to a board to place the cheese on. These types of boards will have depressions or grooves in them for the wire, making an even, complete cut. A spreader comes in handy for very soft cheeses and you may even want several so that you can serve an assortment of different cheeses.

Type of Cheese

Type of Knife

Hard Cheese

  • Slicer
  • Parmesan cheese knife
  • Mini cleaver

Soft Cheese

  • Knife with holes
  • Wire cheese cutter
  • Spreader

Hard or Soft

  • All-purpose cheese knife with or without spokes
  • Cheese fork for serving

Cheese Knife Sets

A complete set of cheese utensils usually includes a knife each for very hard, hard, semi soft, and soft cheeses, plus a fork for serving slices. The knife for very hard cheese is wide and short; the hard cheese knife might have a half-heart shape; a thin knife, that may have holes in the blade for your semi-soft cheese; and a spreader for the softest cheese. A cheese fork is typically a simple two-pronged tool especially helpful for spearing chunks of harder cheeses, although you can also find holed forks for soft cheeses.

Do you really need a knife for each different kind of cheese? Ideally, this is the best choice, and beautiful cheese knife sets are available that contain everything you need so there is no guesswork required. For someone who wants a smaller, simpler set, there are plenty of great ones available. A pared-down cheese knife set might include a holed knife for soft cheese, a knife with spokes for hard cheese (think knife and fork in one), and a short stubby Parmesan knife. Buying a whole set is a nice way to buy cheese knives because they usually come with matching handles or styles for a polished look. With so many different collections available, it's easy to find a set of cheese knives that will look right at home on your table.


Where's There's Cheese, There's a Board

A cheese board is used to display and serve your cheese beautifully. A dark-colored cheese board (such as slate) will brighten and really showcase the colors of your cheeses. A cheese board may be made of wood, quality marble, glass, or other materials and it may be large or small, vintage or modern, more or less fancy. Writing the names of your cheeses on a slate cheese board is a great party idea so everybody knows what they are eating. A cheese board may be adorned with designs or other artwork, or it may look rustic and natural. Some cheese boards come with a knife or set of knives.

There is something very attractive about how "finished" a coordinating set looks such as different board-and-knife sets. You can choose from many different styles that will go with your existing décor or express your personality. You can pick out something you love so that you will want to use it over and over again and not stick it in a cabinet and forget about it. Choose a set that has the type of cheese knives that you need--maybe you want a full set, or maybe you only need one or two knives. It's up to you.

Cheese Tools and Accessories

A cheese girolle is also sometimes known as a cheese curler. It scrapes the surface of a wheel of cheese into beautiful curls. This is a great way to make your party fare extra special and the possibilities are endless. You can also use a girolle to make chocolate curls, so what's not to love?

No matter how domestic or exotic the cheese tools you choose, make them part of your table décor by choosing beautifully decorated handles, a coordinating set, or an unusual finish or material. You can also consider seasonal cheese knives such as one with a floral design on the handle for spring, or a set with handles in an array of fall colors.

There are many holiday knives to make your gatherings special. Choose knives either in elegant whites or silvers, or fun reds and greens. You can even choose knives with handles shaped like different holiday symbols, such as Santa Claus. Attention to the little details is what makes your holiday table extra special.

Buying Cheese Knives on eBay

It's so easy to find exactly what you are looking for on eBay. With a huge selection of cheese knives to choose from in a range of styles and prices, you are sure to find something just right for you. Visit eBay and use the search bar to enter a category such as "cheese knives" or "cheese knife set." When looking at an item, pay attention to a few details such as the item's condition and its expected arrival date. Be sure and look at the seller's rating as this can help you buy confidently from someone you trust.


If you have never considered serving cheese at a party or other gathering before, definitely give it some thought. Almost everyone loves cheese and a well put together cheese board is sophisticated and inviting. Even if it's just cheese and crackers at a family game or movie night, having a great little cheese knife or two will enhance your enjoyment of many kinds of cheese. Don't forget to keep your knives sharp for best performance. With so many different cheeses now readily available in your local supermarket, you'll will be able to get a little adventurous. Try lots of different cheeses to discover which ones you love the most and be sure to have the right cheese knives to help you on your culinary journey.

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