Cheating Ebay Sellers with Paypal and new ratings

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There is a very easy way to cheat EBAY sellers.  I shipped two large items to clients worth over $1000, had their signature from UPS, had emails from them saying they loved the item.  Then, a couple of weeks later, they initiated a claim, and then a credit card charge back.  On one of them, Paypal took my money out twice, on the other just once.  I was told I would have to wait a month or something like that for them to rectify the double charge.  Then I had to send in all kinds of documents to verify that I had indeed sent the items and the clients were very happy with them.  After quite some time, I was told that the credit card company had decided in the favor of the buyer, and I would not get my money back.  So, I said I would send a pickup for the items the clients had.  I was told that the card company said the clients said I didn't want the item back.  So.....I never got eith of the back.  So, I quit using Paypal......checks, cashiers checks, etc. only.  I have been doing business with Ebay for 7 years.  Then......they made it where the buyer HAS to pay with Paypal.  Oh, another thing, Ebay has begun counting your feedback percentage for one year.  So, if you only have two sales for this year, and one is a negative, you have a 50% rating.  I have had over 97% ratings all of my time with Ebay.  Ebay says they are making things better.  Well, they have made things continually worse for the sellers.  Another thing that is difficult for me, I use Fedex to ship.  Ebay does not offer that.  Yet they put the shipping cost, (which is not the real cost) directly on my item description.  Well, enough said.  Too bad, Ebay used to be a good tool for me.  Thank goodness my website is very high in the rankings.

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