Cell Phones: New, Refurbished and Used on eBay

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Cell Phones: New, Refurbished and Used on eBay
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This guide explains the difference between the three different conditions that cell phones are sold on eBay: New, Never Opened, Refurbished, and Used.  If you find this Guide helpful, please help others find it by clicking "Yes" below and thanks for reading.  JustCellular on eBay.

When a cell phone is listed on eBay, there is a section with three choices: 1)  New Never Opened, 2) Refurbished, and 3) Used, that you are requested to select (your ad will post without it being selected, nevertheless, it is supposed to be checked).  When you do a search on eBay for a cell phone and a list of eBay items are listed, the designation is displayed. 

New, Never Opened.  On eBay, this term is being used to describe phones that have never been activated on a wireless plan even if the phone is not in the original box.  Several wholesalers sell new cell phones on eBay that don't come in a retail box.  So there are phones that people purchase and are selling without using them and the ones wholesalers sell that are not in retail boxes. All cell phones have Life Timers on them that record all the time that a phone is connected on a call.  You can find the life timer of the cell phone in the "settings" or "timers" part of the menu.  A little searching in the menu section of the phone and you will find it.

Refurbished.  New cell phones are expensive and there are companies that take used cell phones and refurbish them into like new condition.  Refurbished means different things and eBay does not define the term.  Here is what you need to know when you buy a refurbished cell phone. 

             Fully Refurbished.  Fully Refurbished cell phones really look like new.  They have been tested for performance, reset to factory setting, and the entire housing has been changed, so the phone looks and performs like a new one.  The phone comes with a new battery and new accessories (chargers, ear pieces, etc.).  If you can find fully refurbished on eBay, they are excellent values as compared to new.

             Partially Refurbished.  This can mean a lot of things, generally the part of the housing that gets the most wear is changed (front part of the phone) and it may or may not be factory reset, you have to read the ad.  These phones are generally less expensive than fully refurbished and can be great values especially if they come with new batteries and new accessories, you just have to read the ad a little more carefully.

Used.  As it names states, these phones have been previously used.  You must read the ad very carefully if you purchase a phone in this category.  There can be good values in this category, however, there can be real lemons as well.  Look for a description of the phones condition and see if there is an actual picture of the phone.  eBay provides industry pictures and many sellers use these pictures and just have a line in the ad that the phone is in used condition or something to that effect.  Make sure that the seller warranties the phone and, if you purchase the phone without an actual picture, realize it is going to be a crap shoot.  I am in the business, used phones come in all types of conditions, from very good to very bad.  I beleive it is best to buy in the categories above "Refurbished" or "New" if you can afford it, however, if you carefully review the ad and buy from a reputatble seller, you can find great values here as well.

I hope you found this guide helpful and check out my full line of new and refurbished cell phones on eBay. JustCellular on eBay   

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