Cartier Love Bracelet / Charles Revson Faux Love Bracel

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Cartier Love Bracelet / Charles Revson Faux Love Bracel
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Cartier Love Bracelets :

The authentic original Love Bracelet  designed in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo is 18kt solid gold, and contains the following hallmarks : Cartier, 1970, love bracelet, 18kt, Aldo Cipullo. The first issue bracelets have both Cartier's hallmark and Aldo Cipullo's hallmark.Newer bracelets have serial numbers inside while the older first issue pieces do not have serial numbers. Newer bracelets have the size hallmarked on the inside, while older bracelets do not have the size stamped on the inside. The first issue bracelets are a bit thicker and more oval shaped . The bracelet has two screws on both sides and comes apart into two pieces. Be very careful when taking them apart and putting them back on. It's best that once on, you leave them on.Get them polished professionally once a year only at Cartier. Any repair work should also be done by Cartier, not your local jeweller.They range in sizes from 16-22. These are metric sizes. For example a size 18 bracelet means 18cm or 7 inches.The Love Bracelet with diamonds..also sold at Cartier Boutiques has D colour diamonds graded IF.  These bracelets are sold exclusively at the Cartier Boutiques worldwide.The demand for these bracelets is amazing, as everyone wants to wear one.


Sometime in the mid 1970's Charles Revson ( owner & founder of Revlon and Ultima ll cosmetics)  decided to offer ( with permission from Cartier)..a faux Love Bracelet.His version is stamped on the inside Charles Revson. Made in England . 18kt gold plate ( it's only gold plated not solid gold) It also lists Aldo Cipullo as the designer. It has one screw on one side, the other side is hinged.

At the time it was known as the knock-off Love Bracelet from Ultima ll.It only cost about $20.00 back then, and people who could not afford the real one from Cartier, purchased the faux from Revson. It was then and is still considered just costume jewellery.It amazes me to see the Revson bracelets being sold in today's marketplace for a few hundred dollars, when I remember what they originally cost in the 1970's.

The authentic diamond Love Bracelets from Cartier only have D colour diamonds , graded IF. If you purchase your diamond bracelet from anyone other than Cartier, be aware of what diamonds are in the bracelet which you are considering purchasing. Sometimes the original diamonds are replaced with less high quality stones. If you purchase your 18kt gold Love Bracelet from anyone other than Cartier, ask questions about the hallmarks on the bracelet and the authenticity.
Cartier does not make any gold electroplated bracelets. Any bracelet advertised as ' gold electroplate' is a fake.

In case you are wondering, yes..I wear two authentic original Cartier Love Bracelets on each wrist. They are both from Cartier in Manhattan, one of them is a first issue piece from 1969 the other is from the mid 1970's.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you.

Best Wishes.




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