Canada Proof-Like PL Sets- Beauty in Collecting Part 3

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Canada Proof-Like PL Sets- Beauty in Collecting Part 3
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Canadian Proof-Like Sets Part 3

This is the third Instalment in my article about the beautiful Canadian Proof-Like Sets.

Proof-like Sets 1988-1996: 6 coins with “loonie”

The sets from 1988 have the loonie instead of the nickel dollar.
The 1992 coins have the double date 1867-1992 to honour Canada’s 125 anniversary.
There was a special issue of 1993 sets in a commemorative envelope to celebrate the CNA convention. The 1996 set has a special Brilliant design/Parallel Line background finish.

1988                                                          182,048
1989                                                          158,636
1990                                                          170,791
1991                                                          147,814
1992 1867-1992                                        217,597

1993                                                           171,680
1993 CNA packaging                                  Inc. above
1994                                                           141,676
1995                                                           143,891
1996                                                           120,217

Proof-Like Sets 1997- 7 coins, including $2 coin

The sets from 1997 include the $2 coin, normally showing a Polar Bear.
The 1997 sets were made in both Ottawa and Winnipeg. They can be told apart from the positioning of the $1 and 50 Cent coins. When the Polar Bear is at the top, the Ottawa sets have the 50 Cent coin at the left, and the 1 Dollar coin at the right. The Winnipeg sets have the Dollar coin at the left, and the 50 Cent coin at the right. The finish on the 1997 coins is different from other years except the 1996 set, with a brilliant design in relief, with a parallel polished background. The sets do not have a mintmark.
The 1998 sets have the regular brilliant finish, but sets made in Winnipeg do have a W mintmark, while those made in Ottawa have no mintmark.
The 1999 sets come in several varieties. There are sets with the regular Polar bear design , and other sets with the Nunavut design, which commemorates the creation of a third territory in the Eastern Arctic. The design is an Inuit Drummer. A few of these sets were made with the dies of the special Gold/Silver Nunavut Proof coin design, which does not have a raised rim around the centre core. These issues are scarce.
There was a special set made in 1999. It appears to have 6 coins, but actually has 5 and a medal. These sets have coins in values from 1 Cent to 50 Cents, made in the multi-ply plated steel composition that would be used in sets beginning in 2001. These coins were considered to be test coins. They carry a P for plated.
The 2000 coins again come in several varieties. The regular $2 coins were issued in sets from Ottawa (no mint mark) and Winnipeg (W mint mark). There is also the special Millennium $2 coin, which has a Mother polar bear and 2 young, and which carries the inscription “Knowledge/le Savoir”, in keeping with the other special 25 Cent designs on Canada’s Millennium coinage.    
The 2001 coins are the first to be issued as regular sets with 5 values made of multi-ply plated steel. The multi-ply plated coins (1 cent to 50 Cents) carry the mark P.
 The 2002 issues carry the special date 1952-2002, commemorating the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.  There were 2 different sets issued, one with the regular design coins bearing the double date, and another set with the 50 Cent coin bearing the obverse portrait that was used  on the 1953 Coronation medals, and a redesigning of the reverse side, with the day on the bottom, the denomination at the top, and Canada  appearing on the obverse. The 25 cent coin in this set is the special Canada Day design, showing a maple leaf design being carried.
The 2003 sets also come in 2 varieties, the regular coins, which have the crowned head, and another set, bearing the new uncrowned head design of Susanna Blunt. This set carries the W mintmark, and the 5 lower denominations will carry the P for Plated, resulting in a WP marking.
The 2005 sets come in 3 varieties. There is the regular set, and 2 special sets that have commemorative quarters- one for Alberta, and one for Saskatchewan, as both provinces joined Confederation in 1905.

1997(Ottawa)                                                                174,692
1997(Winnipeg)                                                             inc. above
1998                                                                              145,439
1998W                                                                          inc. above  
1999Polar bear                                                              117,318

1999 Nunavut                                                                  74,821  
1999 Nunavut mule                                                        inc. above  
2000 Millennium Bears                                                   186,985
2000W                                                                           inc. above
2001P                                                                             115,897

1952-2002P                                                                    100,467
1952-2002P Jubilee 50 Cents, Canada Day 25 Cents        49,869
2003P Crowned Portrait                                                    94,126
2003WP  Uncrowned Portrait                                            71,142
2004P                                                                                96,847                             

2005P                                                                                112,878
2005P Alberta                                                                      40,000
2005P Saskatchewan                                                            40,000

  There you have it- a lot of information about the Canada Proof-like Sets. They have beautiful designs, which have stood the test of time.  Most of the designs have been issued for 70 years, and I think they are very attractive in representing Canada. The mint’s policy of issuing many other commemorative coins for circulation follows a policy that goes back to Ancient Rome, where there were often reasons for the issue of special coins. These superior examples are available on eBay through the store coinsnpaper, and other store and auction listings. Enjoy the history in your hands from the Royal Canadian Mint-Canada's Proof-Like Sets.


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