Can You Connect a Router to a Router?

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Can You Connect a Router to a Router?

There was a time when home networks consisted of a single wired router plugged into a single home computer. Now with the advent of smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi gaming consoles, and numerous other devices capable of connecting to the Internet, many find it necessary to expand their network. It is possible to connect a router to another router in order to create bigger networks. Users should know about the different types of routers as well as the different connection configurations to successfully link these devices.


Router Types

The technical definition of a router is a device that forwards data packets between two different networks or between different devices on the same network. In other words, it allows digital devices to communicate with the Internet or with each other. There are two main router types, wired and wireless.


Router Type


Network Connection


Number of Devices





Determined by cable connection

Limited to number of connection ports



2.4 GHz band

5 GHz band

Determined by wireless capability

Unlimited wireless connection


Wired routers use a DSL or cable connection, but the number of ports on these devices limits the network. Many homeowners who started out with a wired router choose to add a wireless router to the local area network (LAN), creating a wireless local area network (WLAN). Because the wireless router does not require connecting cables to each device, it can work with dozens of Wi-Fi devices at the same time.

Wireless Router Capability

Wireless routers have different capabilities according to how they connect to the Internet via their 802.11 connection. Common types include 802.11N, 802.11AC, and 802.11B, often referred to as N, AC, or B routers respectively. A dual-band router that works on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, such as the N model, is best for networks that require high-performance speeds, according to PCMag. N routers are standard because they cover larger distances. AC routers operate solely on the 5 GHz band supplying only faster speed, but the 5 GHz band does not have the same long distance signal as 2.4 GHz, and this limits the range of AC routers.


Connecting Routers

The technical term for connecting routers together is cascading, according to router manufacturing giant Cisco. It is possible to set up the connection as LAN to LAN using two wired routers. Alternatively, users can set the connection as LAN to WAN using a wired and a wireless router. Regardless of which type the user chooses, this method requires having a main router that has a direct Internet connection. The secondary router, which is either a wireless router or another wired router, attaches to the main router.

LAN to LAN Connection

Connecting two wired routers together has several benefits. It expands the number of devices available on the network and improves network performance by splitting routers. Furthermore, since both routers use the same LAN IP, this is the ideal setup for users to directly share files across the entire network.

The downside of a pure LAN to LAN connection is that there is no wireless capability. All of the devices connected to this network must use a physical connection. The secondary router attaches to the main router via an Ethernet connection port.

LAN to WAN Connection

The LAN to WAN connection turns an old wired LAN into a WAN without removing the old router. Using a wireless router also expands the number of available devices that can connect to the network via Wi-Fi, increasing the network's performance.

A drawback of the LAN to WAN connection is that this system uses two separate IP addresses. Devices connected to the wired router have a different IP address than those connected to the wireless router. This means there are two different networks, and computers on the wireless network cannot send files directly to those on the wired network. If users want to connect and set up both wired and wireless routers on the same network, they must purchase a bridge router that allows for this design.


How to Buy Routers on eBay

Sellers on eBay list numerous wired and wireless routers. It is possible to find routers from all of the major manufacturing brands, including Linksys, Belkin, and NetGear. Several factors influence the price of routers, including the speed of the connection that manufacturers list in mbps. Keep in mind that this speed regulates the speed of computers within the network. Internet connection and downloading speed ultimately depend on the Internet provider. eBay sellers should also lower the prices for used devices.



It is possible to connect two routers to one another in order to expand an existing network connection. Connecting two wired routers together creates a large LAN that handles multiple devices. Connecting a wired router to a wireless router creates a WLAN that uses both cables and Wi-Fi capabilities to create an expansive network. Using multiple routers allows households to build a network that handles all types of digital devices.

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